Decrease accidents and protect pedestrians using protective bollards

Safety bollards safeguard pedestrians, work areas, and storefronts from traffic collisions. The high-visibility bollards increase driver awareness, as well as providing physical barriers protecting both people and property. All of Reliance Foundry’s safety bollards are available in safety yellow, red, and select other standard color options. Read more

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Safety Bollards Protect

Safety bollards create physical barriers for traffic, protecting site perimeters and people from accidental damage without impeding pedestrian flow. They can be installed to divide traffic lanes or directions, alongside buildings or entryways, or in front of water and gas meters, warehouse shelving corners, and more.

Please note that safety bollards are intended as visual guides rather than physical barriers. For greater impact security, see security pipe bollards.

Durable Materials

Site protection bollards are designed to fit a range of locales and environments. Available in several different high-quality material options and finishes, including stainless steel and steel, safety bollards suit both indoor and outdoor uses. Powder coating adds visibility and durability.


Protective bollards are available in various sizes and styles, and in multiple colors (including safety yellow) to ensure visibility or match existing architectural styles. Add reflective strips to increase visibility in low light, nighttime, or adverse weather conditions.

Simple Installation

Safety bollards are simple to install in new or existing concrete; no core drilling or excavation needed. Choose from easy-to-install bolt-down mounting or drop-inserts installation methods, allowing for simple installation onto existing concrete surfaces. For new concrete surfaces, select anchor castings or embedded posts. View Installation