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How much do your products cost?

Pricelists for most Reliance Foundry products are available online, and include information on volume discounts. View pricelists on individual category or product pages by selecting the “Products” tab in the navigation bar. For products without pricing, please request a quote or contact our sales representatives.

How can I get a quote?

Request quotes for Reliance Foundry products on individual product pages. Submit the electronic request form with order details and contact information. You will receive a formal quote, including shipping costs to your location, via email, within two business days. To receive a single quote on multiple product types, provide your project name and request a consolidated quote in the “Comments” section of each product request form. Read more about requesting quotes and ordering.

Why are US and Canadian prices different?

Pricing is listed in both Canadian and US currencies. List prices vary according to current exchange rates and cross-border duty and brokerage fees. Exchange rates are monitored consistently to ensure prices reflect current rates. Many products are warehoused in Canada, which means duty and brokerage fees must be applied to American prices.

How much do custom products cost?

All our custom work is priced on a case-by-case basis.Custom castings and moldings have many elements that influence their final cost, including pattern complexity, run size, casting process, material used, and secondary processing required. Consultation with our design staff will help find the most economical combination of these factors to answer your needs.We are also able to design wheels for specific applications. We identify the most suitable materials, pattern designs and manufacturing processes to ensure value and performance.Some standard products, like bollards or bike racks, can be customized for high-volume orders. Modifications to existing designs are often a more cost-efficient way to go. All custom orders have our utmost care and attention during the length of design and manufacturing. Please contact us to discuss what custom services might be right for you.

How much do metal castings cost?

The cost of casting varies according to project demands such as: Casting function
– Dimensions
– Metal grade
– Tolerances
– Finishing / secondary processing requirements
Casting relies on economies of scale, so higher volume production runs will cost less per casting than low volume runs. For detailed information on costs for your project, request a quote at our custom castings page.

Can I directly place an order online?

To confirm orders are correctly placed with necessary accessories, as well as provide accurate freight pricing and lead times, we prefer to quote orders first. Requests for quotes are responded to within two business days, and can easily be turned into orders.

How can I pay for my order?

Credit card is our preferred method of payment (Visa, MasterCard or American Express.) Download the Credit Card Authorization Form and submit with your order.
Other available payment methods:
– Electronic funds transfer (EFT): Specify EFT when submitting an order and we will provide bank transfer details.
– Check: Allow time for transit and processing. Orders ship only after checks have been received, processed, and funds deposited. Send checks collect to: 6450 148th Street, Unit 207, Surrey, BC, Canada, V3S 7G7
– Credit account: Reliance Foundry may offer credit based on a formal credit review. Credit approval takes 2-5 business days. Download the Credit Application Form and submit with your order.

What is the lead time for my order?

Lead times vary depending on the size and complexity of an order. Quotes are provided with detailed lead time and delivery date estimates. Our standard bollards, hardscape lines, bike racks, steel wheels, and traffic safety equipment are well stocked and ready to ship from our warehouse. We begin processing and shipping upon receipt of payment or credit approval. Allow up to 21 business days for processing and shipping to North American locations. High volume orders, or orders requiring casting, machining, bushings, or custom powder coating may require additional lead time. For lead times on specific models, please call our sales representatives.

Can I see my order history?

To see your order history, please call our sales representatives. You can also see past quotes in your dashboard under My Account > Quotes


Submittal and Closing Docs FAQ 

Where can I find submittal packages?

Product specific installation guides, drawings, and finish options can be found in the downloads tab on the product page. The downloads tab is located directly below the product images on for each product. Color and finish options can also be found in our finishes and color options section. 

How can I access closing documents?

Product drawings and warranty information can be accessed directly from the downloads tab on each product’s page, located directly below the product images.  
Care and maintenance and installation guidelines can be found on our resources and care and maintenance pages: 
General Maintenance 
Bollard Resources 
Bike Parking Resources 
Site Furnishing Resources 
Hardscape Resources 
Wheels Resources 


How do I specify Reliance Foundry for a project?

All CSI/CSC specification documents can be downloaded from individual item pages or from our Resources/Downloads page. Resources include Product Drawings (PDF), AutoCAD Drawings (DWG), and CSI Construction Specifications (DOC). When specifying products for a project, be sure to reference the model number and indicate components “to be supplied by Reliance Foundry.”

Where can I find product drawings?

Detailed drawings for all products can be found on individual item pages or on our Resources/Downloads page under the Product Drawing (PDF) and AutoCAD Drawings (DWG) columns.

What are the product dimensions?

Product dimensions are available on individual item pages under the “Specifications” tab, or in the Product Drawing.

What colors are available?

Available colors are listed on individual items pages. More information on color options is also available on our resource page.

Do you have a quote put together for my project?

After the type and number of required installations have been determined for your project, we will be able to provide you with a quote from your product drawings. We are not able to create quotes from full architectural site plans. However, for bollards, bike racks, and custom castings we welcome the opportunity to quote on your specified design, even if it is not one of our model numbers. Just contact one of our sales representatives.


How long will my order take to arrive?

All standard, in-stock products are shipped from our head office warehouse location in Surrey, BC, Canada. Items begin processing and shipping upon date of payment or acceptance of credit terms. Please allow up to 21 business days for processing and shipping to all North American locations.
Note that high-volume orders and custom powder coatings may require additional processing time. Processing and shipping times can vary according to volume and seasonal constraints. For a more accurate estimate, contact one of our sales representatives.

What will come with my order?

Please see individual product pages to learn what will come with your order. Some of our products, like bike racks and bollards, come with mounting hardware kits and installation instructions. In some cases, specialized mounting hardware may be sold separately.All products are carefully packaged for protection against damage during shipping. If you have any questions about the hardware included in your order, please contact us.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping charges are specific to the location being delivered to, and are included in your detailed quote.

Will I have to pay border fees or brokerage?

Duty and brokerage fees are included in USD prices, and your quote will include these. You will not have to pay additional border fees or brokerage on top of your quoted price.

Do you have any distributors in the US?

Reliance Foundry does not currently have any distributors in the US, however all our prices include duty and brokerage fees.

Where do you ship to?

Reliance Foundry ships worldwide.

Can we expedite freight?

Reliance Foundry typically does not expedite freight. Please contact us for further questions.

Can we pick up our bollards at your location?

Yes, this can be arranged. Please reach out to our sales team to coordinate pick up.

Can we send our own courier?

This option is not available at this time.


How much do custom products cost?

All our custom work is priced on a case-by-case basis.Custom castings and moldings have many elements that influence their final cost, including pattern complexity, run size, casting process, material used, and secondary processing required. Consultation with our design staff will help find the most economical combination of these factors to answer your needs.We are also able to design wheels for specific applications. We identify the most suitable materials, pattern designs and manufacturing processes to ensure value and performance.Some standard products, like bollards or bike racks, can be customized for high-volume orders. Modifications to existing designs are often a more cost-efficient way to go. All custom orders have our utmost care and attention during the length of design and manufacturing. Please contact us to discuss what custom services might be right for you.

Can you create custom products?

Reliance Foundry specializes in making custom castings, and can design and manufacture wheels for specialized applications.We are also able to design custom bollards or bike rack designs on a case-by-case basis for high-volume orders.All custom work has a longer lead time than off-the-shelf deliveries. Depending on the intricacy of the order, it can take from two to seven months to consult, design, prototype, manufacture, and ship. Modification of existing products can sometimes be a more cost- and time-efficient way to produce a custom product.Contact us to discuss your custom or modified project ideas.

Can you do my custom casting project?

Yes, Reliance Foundry offers expert custom casting services. Past projects have included both private and public sector contracts for high-performance castings.

What metals do you use for custom castings?

Reliance Foundry specializes in casting the following metals:
– Cast Steel
– Ductile Iron
– Mild Steel
– Stainless Steel
– Aluminum

I don’t have a pattern for my custom product. Can you make one?

If you do not have a preexisting pattern, Reliance Foundry will work with you to develop one. We will strategically select the most cost-effective methods to meet your product specifications and quantity requirements.Pattern development is an investment, and is usually undertaken for longer production runs.

What secondary processing options are available for custom castings?

Reliance Foundry is proud to offer a range of high quality secondary processing. These services include fabrication, heat treatment, machining, passivation, assembly, and powder coating.

What type of quality assurance do you offer for custom castings?

Reliance Foundry is proud to offer top quality casting services. After your design is confirmed, we produce a prototype to ensure your specifications and expectations are met. Then, when formal production begins, we establish rigorous on-site manufacturing standards. Throughout production we conduct quality assurance procedures and non-destructive testing.


How are products installed?

Our products can be installed in many ways depending on the site and intended application. In general, bike racks and bollards can be surface mounted or embedded in concrete. Visit the linked installation page on these product pages for details on all the available placement methods.Traffic Safety Supplies are predrilled with bolt holes for installation onto existing road surfaces and can be fitted by a single person without the cost of specialized equipment.Note: Some installation types will require additional mounting hardware (sold separately).

Do you offer installation services?

No. Installations are normally performed by a local contractor. If you are unable to connect with a general contractor, Reliance Foundry may be able to provide you with a list of contractors in your area. Please note that the provision of a contractor’s contact information does not constitute an endorsement by Reliance Foundry.

How far apart should bollards be installed from one another?

Individual municipalities and institutions may have specific regulations for bollard spacing. Be sure to consult the appropriate authorities before planning an installation. Bollards are often spaced 3-5 feet apart to form an effective vehicle barrier. Refer to “A Guide to Bollard Spacing and Site Planning” for further information.

How do I ensure safety when drilling into concrete surfaces?

Before beginning an installation, ensure ground surfaces do not contain any hidden utility pipes or wires. Contact your local utilities providers and/or conduct X-ray examinations of all areas to be drilled or excavated. Refer to our Bollards Installation Page for more details on installation.

Can I install bollards on asphalt?

Yes, however, concrete footings must be used. Installing bollards directly into asphalt without using concrete footings is unsafe as asphalt foundations can soften under high temperatures. Please refer to “How to Install Bollards in Asphalt” before proceeding.

Can bollards be connected with chains?

Yes, decorative bollards can be linked with Reliance Foundry chain eyes and chains for increased presence and perimeter security.


What do I do if I can’t find a certain model number?

Please contact our sales representatives. Perhaps there is a similar standard model our sales staff can direct you toward. If not, Reliance Foundry may be able to provide a customized solution for high-run orders.

Do you sell crash-rated or K-rated bollards? How much impact can they handle?

Reliance Foundry steel pipe security bollards are designed for high-impact protection in situations of vehicle accident. They can be reinforced with concrete and finished with concrete caps. The size and speed of traffic in area determines the best choice. For example, many gas companies specify steel pipe security bollards reinforced with concrete for the protection of external meters. They usually specify smaller diameter steel pipe for residential applications compared to larger ones in industrial settings. These can be standardized without specifying crash rating.If using Reliance Foundry security bollards for crash protection, an engineer should be consulted to determine suitability. Proper installation is necessary for effectiveness.Some locations under threat of active terrorist or criminal assault choose Department of State K-rated or ASTM crash-rated bollards. Reliance Foundry does not deploy installation teams and therefore cannot provide anti-ram bollards.

Are bollard heights customizable?

Reliance Foundry can modify our current models to different heights given a lead time of 12-14 weeks. This is generally only cost-effective for high volume orders. Please contact our Sales Department to receive design and manufacture information along with a formal quote.For small orders or quicker turn-around, please browse existing inventory.

Where are your products made?

Our products are designed in Canada and manufactured by our international partner foundries. Reliance Foundry maintains the highest quality standards at every stage of the production process.

My project must meet the Buy America Act. Can I order a bollard to be made in the USA?

Reliance Foundry’s products can go through special approval under the Buy America Act if specified and the only supplier of a particular design. Please talk to our Sales Department about the steps to comply with Buy America.

Do you carry removable or retractable bollards that do not require a lock or key?

Standard removable bollards are usually secured with a padlock and key. You can decide whether to lock them into place. Our strong recommendation is that your bollards be locked, as even heavy decorative removable bollards are a theft risk. All retractable bollards require locking into an upright position with the provided key.

Can I buy replacement parts or hardware for my bollards?

Replacement parts and hardware can be found on our accessories page. If you cannot locate the part that you need, please contact a sales representative for further assistance.

Do you carry hydraulic retractable bollards?

All our telescoping bollards are manually operable. These require less infrastructure and planning. Please check out these retractable bollards styles.

Do you carry hardwired light bollards?

Reliance Foundry is pleased to offer solar light bollards with energy conservation intelligence, rather than hardwired light bollards. These low-maintenance bollards are appropriate for many situations that would have previously used electrical grids. With onboard smart management of battery life and lighting output, our solar bollards provide hassle-free lighting. Please read about our adaptable systems, or speak to a sales representative if you are concerned about your application.

Can I install your solar light bollard cap on any other bollard style?

Our solar bollard caps fit one bollard style and are available with or without bicycle locking arms. They do not fit on other bollards.

How much weight can an industrial wheel support?

All Reliance Foundry industrial wheels feature an advertised Safe Working Load (SWL). To ensure safe operation, wheels should not be used to support loads beyond advertised SWLs. Additionally, the amount of weight a wheel can bear will vary according to a number of factors:
– Type of stress placed on the wheel
– Direction in which loads are applied
– How frequently loads are applied
– How quickly loads are applied
– Manner in which a load sits against a wheel
– Speed of travel
– Track conditions
– Number of wheels used to carry a load
– Additional wheel customizations
– Interaction between supporting wheels
– Environmental conditions (temperature, moisture, chemical exposure, etc.)

How do I choose a wheel for my specific application?

When selecting wheels for a specific application, a range of factors should be considered. For some operations, it may be necessary to consult an engineer to evaluate all factors to determine the suitability.
– Expected load: The load each wheel will be expected to bear.
– Environment: Temperature, moisture and other environmental conditions can influence the long-term condition and service life of industrial wheels.
– Travel speed: Excessive speed can damage wheels and significantly shorten their working life.
– Track conditions: Misaligned tracks and/or damaged rail joints can have a negative impact on the operation and performance of industrial wheels.
– Load limits: Safe load demands should be evaluated with respect to the safe working load of any wheel before purchasing.
– Composition: Wheel compositions should be selected according to the types of load and track being used. Unsuitable compositions or material types can create unnecessary wear on tracks and may require more regular servicing.
– Anti-corrosion level: Some wheels are better equipped to withstand damp environments. Damp environments may require galvanization or stainless steel construction to withstand working conditions.
– Heat tolerance: Certain wheel compositions hold up better than others in high-heat environments.

How do I choose proper wheel size?

Selecting the proper wheel for your application depends on a number of factors:
– Axle type
– Bore size
– Tread width
– Material
– Load rating
– Track size
– Tread diameter
– Environment
– Shaft size
– Flange width
To determine the suitability of Reliance Foundry industrial wheels for your specific application, it may be necessary to consult a professional engineer. Technical information for all industrial wheels can be found at our Wheels Resources/Downloads page. For additional information or to enquire about custom wheel capabilities, contact Reliance Foundry’s sales department.

I don’t understand a foundry term. Where can I find the definition?

Please check out our foundry glossary for definitions of foundry terms and links to detailed process descriptions.