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Ensure optimal appearance and long term performance

All Reliance Foundry products are manufactured with high quality materials for premium aesthetics and long term durability. With proper care and maintenance, all products will withstand years of service with minimal wear and corrosion in most North American environments.

General bollard care

Inspection: All Reliance Foundry products should receive routine inspection and cleaning every 6 months. To avoid progression of damage, identify and address problems as early as possible. Loose or missing parts should be tightened or replaced immediately. Some environments — including high-saline locations subject to saltwater spray or de-icing salts, or high-traffic areas with abundant particulates or other pollutants — will require more frequent attention.

Cleaning: Routine (at least every 6 months) cleaning with soap and water is usually sufficient to maintain Reliance Foundry products. Use a soft nylon brush to remove any accumulated dirt. Wash with mild soap or detergent, then rinse in clean water and wipe dry with a soft cloth. Neglected or damaged products may require additional care. Refer to Stainless Steel Care and Maintenance and Powder Coating Care and Maintenance.

Heavily damaged products: Heavy damage includes structural compromises such as visible dents, cracks, breaks and rust that can undermine the integrity of a product. Heavily damaged products should be removed from service until a repair or replacement can be made. To prevent worsening of damage, any significant rust should be removed as soon as possible. If any parts are broken or missing, contact Reliance Foundry’s Sales Department to determine the availability of replacements.

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stainless steel retractable bollard mounting


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