Security and Crash-Rated Bollard Guards

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Showing all 30 results

Attractive bollard covers for your impact-protective traffic posts

Below ground, crash-rated and security bollards are built differently. An engineered footing gives crash-rated bollards tested stopping-power. Security bollards are made of pipe filled with concrete: their stopping power is more dependent on location and installation. Whatever differences these bollards have in their footing, above ground they look the same.

Structural steel must be sealed to prevent corrosion. Industrial locations commonly use paint and a concrete cap, pre-formed or handmade, to keep the steel from weathering. Paint needs to be refreshed once a year so dings and scratched don’t turn into an opportunity for rust. A simpler option is to choose a bollard guard. Guards slip over the inner core. They protect the steel and enhance the bollard’s look.

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Standard structural steel pipe is lashed together ready for shipping.
Security bollards with black steel bollard guards protect a storefront window

Standard width, customized height

Both security and crash-rated bollards must have their footing placed in a hole dug beneath the frost line. Frost lines vary depending on which region the site is in. All impact-protective bollards are tall to accommodate this difference in possible depth.

This difference in install depths means that the same model of bollard, installed, may be of different heights in different regions. Some covers are taller, to accommodate this. Another option is to trim bollards before bringing them onsite to allow the bollards to be compatible with a wider range of covers, if a shorter look is desired. (Bollards should be left at maximum length to fit in bollard guard for strength and ease of install.)

Park space protected by two grey steel bollard guards

Create secure and attractive spaces for people to gather

Creating pedestrian-only secure spaces (or pedestrian-majority spaces using removable bollards) can allow you greater freedom in planning social landscapes. Crash-rated or impact-protective bollards limit places of potential conflict and vulnerability.

Public spaces also become more attractive to people when there is greenery, art, places to rest, and things to do. The bollards on the perimeter of a square, plaza, or pedestrian space can support these artistic and aesthetic goals with a range of decorative covers, available in different designs, colors, and materials.

Yellow bollards with blue reflective tape protect a gas pump at a station

Low maintenance protection

When utility and value are the most important factors, plastic bollard guards allow for easy bollard maintenance. Durable polyethylene is the same color throughout, so dings and scratches will not create color variation.

Plastic bollards are available in both simple and decorative options. A range of colors are available, including high-visibility options. Optionally, choose one of four reflective strips to increase visibility and warn drivers.