Tree Grates

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Cast iron grates protect trees in urban streetscapes

Reliance Foundry tree grates protect trees and surrounding soil from urban life while adding sophisticated design elements that suit any environment. The grate design allows trees to have access to moisture, light, and air, helping them thrive. Cast iron tree grates are also complaint with current ADA standards. They act as a safe extension of the sidewalk, eliminating tripping hazards for pedestrians. Reliance Foundry hardscape products are designed and manufactured in the USA, in compliance with the Buy American Act. Read more

Durable Materials

Tree grates are designed to endure weathering and heavy foot traffic. They are made from high-quality gray cast iron free of porosity and shrinking, and finished with a durable black paint. Component parts fit together seamlessly for a polished appearance. Lasting materials ensure that tree grates will provide ongoing protection of valuable greenspaces in the community.

Two-piece Tree Grates

Two-piece tree grates are tree grates made of two halves that can be bolted together on the underside using bolt slots. They make for easy access, placement, and removal. Tree grates are low maintenance and finished with a durable and aesthetic black paint.