Solar bollard lights provide year-round outdoor lighting

Solar bollards capture energy from the sun during the day to illuminate open spaces and pathways for safety and wayfinding when it’s dark. Internal solar panels house high-capacity LED batteries, which keep lights on when you need them. Reliance Foundry’s solar powered bollards are suitable for municipal, commercial, industrial, and hospitality applications, and more. Read more

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Solar-powered Savings

Solar powered bollard lights provide illumination all night, every night, with minimal environmental impact. Self-contained solar lighting systems can be installed anywhere, with no expensive trenching and ground wiring required.

The combined design, installation, and fixture costs result in a savings of 50% when solar powered bollard lighting is used compared to AC wired lights. The lithium battery is encased in polyurethane, and requires no maintenance or changes for up to 10 years.

Simple Installation

Solar light bollards are self-contained, and can be installed to add light anywhere with access to direct sunlight, with no ground trenching or electrical access required. Each solar bollard holds a self-contained, self-powered lighting source that requires minimal maintenance and is immune to power outages. LED bulbs are energy efficient and long-lasting.

Made To Last

Reliance Foundry’s solar bollards are constructed of steel bases, and polycarbonate-encased solar heads. The bases are powder-coated for added protection and durability against weather and vandalism in high-traffic, outdoor areas. The solar panels and lighting are housed in a polycarbonate bulb made from SABIC SLX LEXAN, which is the highest UV-stabilized polycarbonate available, minimizing yellowing and embrittlement while withstanding impacts.

Light Color

Neutral light (4,300 K) is the most common type of lighting. It creates a comfortable, natural white light with a slight blue cast. Neutral lighting provides excellent visibility, and is commonly used for headlights, parking lots, and warehouses.

Warm light (3,000 K) emits a slight yellow cast to produce softer ambiance—similar to an incandescent bulb. Warm lighting uses slightly less energy, but doesn’t provide the same visibility as neutral lighting. Warm lighting fixtures are often used to accent building or landscape architecture.

Technical Lighting Specifications

Refer to the table below to compare light color options. Please note that these options must be decided at time of sale and cannot be modified after the order is placed.

Need help understanding a term? See our glossary of solar and photometric terms for more information.

Select solar lighting according to kelvin temperature.