Low-impact traffic control posts for changing vehicle access

Flexible removable bollards will neither receive nor cause damage when they’re struck: they are traffic guides that bend out of the way upon impact. This makes them a favorite of emergency drivers who need to get to protected-access areas quickly. Durable, removable mounts allow the bollards to be easily placed to permit or deny vehicle access to an area. Tested to spring back for up to 500 impacts, they are simple to replace after their service life is over. Select from six colors and four reflector options. Read more

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Removable Hardware

Robust, secure receivers provide the footing for these flexible bollards. These receivers can be installed in concrete, where they remain flush to the ground, so they’re not a tripping hazard or obstacle when the bollard is removed. Heavy-duty receivers can bear heavy loads and are suitable for high-traffic areas where bollards are likely to sustain repeated impacts. Lighter receivers are excellent for parking stalls and bike lanes where impacts are only occasional. All models feature internal locking mechanisms and do not require padlocks or chains to secure the bollard. View Removable Mounting Receivers

Effective Traffic Guidance

Up to 3.9 inches in diameter, these bollards look like thick metal bollards rather than small plastic poles. Drivers avoid them, often believing they are metal and therefore will scrape paint. Reflector tape can be added to the top of these bollards, making them stand out in low-light situations.

One Option In A Removable Bollard Family

Flexi-bollards are not the only removable locking bollards. Choose also from removable decorative bollards and removable steel bollards, in standard options and those with bike locking arms.

Durable Polyurethane Construction

Flexible traffic bollards should be able to be struck without crushing, ripping, or tearing from their base quickly, yet many common polyethylene plastic traffic poles on spring hinges can’t withstand these rigors of busy city streets. Small, flimsy delineators are often ignored and run over, and without flexion throughout the post, they are quickly damaged or lost.

In contrast, polyurethane is a durable, elastic material. These bollards are tested to withstand 500 impacts to 45-degree flexion and 50 impacts to 90 degrees. They’re elastic at every point in the bollard body. Flexible bollards are UV protected so they will not sun-fade, and their color is consistent throughout the material so that scrapes and dings will not be as obvious. View More Polyurethane Bollards