Lighting and pathway bollards enhance a green oasis

A garden is a place of beauty and relaxation. Soft lighting bollards, crafted artfully, allow it to be an oasis day or night. Illuminate pathways through large gardens and parks, or highlight particular plantings. Solar bollards are helpful to any homeowner or landscaper who does not wish to dig trench to install wiring. Self-powering and rugged, they have very little maintenance costs and no electrical costs. Choose the warm lighting option to help preserve circadian rhythms of plants and animals within the garden. Decorative bollards linked by chains can be used to protect sensitive plants and trees without disturbing natural beauty. This substantial garden edging is scaled to protect larger spaces. Short chain can link pathway bollards and remind people not to take a shortcut through planted areas. Read more

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R-7567 Planter Bollard

USD $847.00


$847 or less

Material: Ductile Iron
Height: 37-1/2"

R-7597 Planter Bollard

USD $693.00


$693 or less

Material: Ductile Iron
Height: 38-1/4"

Planting Perimeters With Bollards And Chains

Bollards with chains are a substantial garden edging option. They can be used as pathway bollards, with or without light. They mark larger protected areas and trees, suggesting that people not use delicate plant beds as a path. Maintenance workers and gardeners maintain easy access. With garden perimeters clearly set, the majority of users stay away, but when needed can duck through to retrieve an errant frisbee or wandering child.

Garden Pathway Lights

Garden pathway lights allow people to walk safely and create welcoming pools of light. Choose from hardwired or solar options in a variety of designs. R-9811 and R-9821 models are full cut-off and offer warm light options. Solar options can be installed without trenching.

A Landscape Bollard For Every Green Space

Our full range of decorative bollards may provide inspiration for unusual gardens and uses. Choose a landscape bollard that honors the aesthetic of the garden. Tall or short, in classical and modern styles, bollards can enhance a full range of landscaping plans.

Residential Bollards—Customized Or Stock

Bollards, custom or stock, can create character at home, on estates, and in multi-family residential construction projects. Use them in the garden or to protect pedestrian areas. If you’re looking for residential driveway barriers, a variety of removable or collapsible options are available.