City Trash Cans

Accessible, easy-to-use litter receptacles for a clean environment

From cleaning out pockets, to throwing away a messy handful of fast-food wrappers, trash cans are an amenity that makes public life easier. Like many amenities, they are most noticeable when they’re absent. Some litterbugs just drop garbage and walk away if there is no litter bin within reach. Cities can keep streets clean by placing public trash cans in parks and on urban corners, especially within walking distance of convenience stores and fast food spots. Universities and schools need bins near Student Unions and cafeterias. Commercial buildings, malls, and stores are more comfortable and inviting when they offer waste bins, especially near seating. Bins of different sizes respond to traffic and available area, while offering flexibility in emptying schedules. Read more

R-5001 Cincinnati

$694 or less

Waste Bin
Material: Structural Steel, Wood
Height: 36-5/8"
Width: 15-1/4"
Capacity: 9.8 gals

R-5002 Seattle

$1,081 or less

Waste Bin
Material: Stainless Steel
Height: 46"
Width: 23-9/16"
Capacity: 34.4 gals

R-5003 Casey

$1,179 or less

Waste Bin
Material: Carbon Steel
Height: 41"
Width: 28"
Capacity: 44 gals

R-5004 Chesapeake

$1,079 or less

Waste Bin
Material: Carbon Steel
Height: 51"
Width: 20"
Capacity: 32 gals

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High-quality Materials

Public trash receptacles often sit outside, vulnerable to weather. They are meant to be used and will need to resist wear and tear.

Steel is an excellent choice for many litter receptacles. Both tough and wear-resistant, it holds up to the rigors of public use. High-quality 316 stainless steel offers a modern, silvery finish with exceptional resistance to corrosion. Galvanized steel, the spangled gray metal commonly used on streetlights and other industrial outdoor metals, is used as the base or other can, usually with decorative finish. Weather-resistant hard woods, like balau, are used for our wood-decorated models.

Finishes For Extra Durability

Some of our metal trash bins can be customized with colorful coatings. Powder coating provides a glossy coat with an extra layer of corrosion protection.

Upgrade to innovative IronArmor for extra-long corrosion protection. IronArmor also offers vandalism resistance and, if damaged, is easily fixed on site.

Woods are finished with clear, sun-resistant sealants so that the beauty of the wood shines through.

Simple Installation And Easy To Use

Simple, secure bolt-down installation allows trash bins to be easily installed without becoming a target of mischief. Sturdy construction keeps it secure. Select from a variety of styles to work with any space, indoors or out.