Parking Bollards

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Showing all 33 results

Protect pedestrians and property in parking lots with parking security posts

Parking bollards demarcate pedestrian versus vehicle areas, and protect parking infrastructure such as ticket machines, officer booths, and mechanical security gates. Parking lot bollards can also guard sidewalks and building entrances. Read more about parking bollards.

flexible bollards in parking lot


Encourage slower, more attentive driving in parking lots using high-visibility parking bollards. Bollards are available in several sizes, styles, and colors to complement the surrounding environment and attract the attention of drivers and pedestrians.

black parking bollards in front of store


Protect against vehicle crashes, accidental or otherwise. Parking lot bollards placed at building entrances can deter vehicle accidents, as well as ram-raid or smash-and-grab intrusions. Steel pipe security bollards can be used for this purpose for added impact protection, and covered with decorative parking bollards for aesthetic properties.

stainless steel bollards in parking lot


Operable bollards are ideal for parking lots with changing access requirements. When in place, bollards provide clear, visible guidance to traffic and pedestrians. Lower or remove bollards to allow temporary vehicle or emergency access, or to accommodate large events and pedestrian traffic. Removable, retractable, and collapsible bollards are available with a range of mounting options.

parking bollards at business entrance


Parking bollards are designed to withstand various climate and weather demands, and provide effective functionality and decoration with low maintenance requirements. Some models, such as the R-7743 pictured left, have bollard details to add a thoughtful touch to design. Bollards are available in several different high-quality material options and finishes.

solar pathway lighting bollards on pathway


Solar lighting bollards ensure visibility for walkways near or surrounding traffic and parking areas—creating safer environments at night and in low-light conditions. Lighting units are self-contained, requiring no additional trenching or conduits.

flexible bollard being bent by car


Flexible bollards are ideal for high-traffic locations where collisions are likely or unavoidable. They provide visual barriers and minimize vehicle damage when struck. Flexible bollards withstand multiple impacts, bending up to 90 degrees, without deforming their shape or position.