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Hardscape Coating and Color Options

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Paint or natural finish

Reliance Foundry offers a range of hardscape products in different colors for increased visibility, color contrast, and to complement surrounding design elements.


Cast iron tree grates and trench grates are available in black paint for versatile aesthetics that fit in with a range of infrastructure and landscapes. Detectable warning plates can be painted yellow for effective color contrast.

Prior to painting, iron castings are shot or sand blasted clean, ensuring they are free of oil and water. The paint used is a two-part, 100% solids paint. The two parts are mixed at the spray gun stage, just before it is applied to the object. The paint is applied directly to the object, left to air cure, and becomes dry to the touch within minutes. The paint includes no VOCs and no further curing processes are required.

Painted surfaces have excellent non-skid characteristics that comply with current ADA and ABA guidelines.


All in-stock cast iron hardscape products are available for immediate shipment. Tree and trench grates are available painted black, and detectable warning plates are available in yellow.

Note: Color swatches are approximations only. Actual coatings will vary in appearance depending on individual screen settings or printer type. Swatches for standard colors are available upon request.


All Reliance Foundry hardscape products are made from premium cast iron conforming to ASTM guidelines. High-quality castings eliminate the need for maintenance over their service life.

Cast iron products can be left unpainted with a natural finish. Over the course of approximately a year, cast iron will develop a permanent layer of rust called patina. The patina is a uniform surface covering that eliminates the need to ever re-coat or paint, and it does not chip or peel. It also works to prevent harmful pitting.

Patina provides clear color contrast that follows current ADA and ABA guidelines for tactile paving and grates. Non-skid surfaces have a measured coefficient of friction of 0.9.

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