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Site Furnishing Installation Instructions

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Site furnishings help make outdoor spaces inviting and usable. Benches can define areas and promote social spaces in the landscape, the way the placement of a living-room couch creates social space at home. Tired shoppers can find a place to rest, working people can come outside for lunch, parents can watch kids play, or friends can meet and hang out. Waste receptacles are also vital to the upkeep and maintenance of the space. Some people litter as force of habit, but most will stow their trash if there’s someplace close to do that.

Most benches and bins install by surface mounting on flat, clean concrete slab.

Getting Started …


Keep them packaged: Keep all products and associated hardware in packaging to avoid unnecessary damage prior to placement and installation.

Ensure safety: Even surface installations require drilling into concrete surfaces. Contact your local utility providers and conduct X-ray scans of all installation sites to ensure hazards are not present.

Review all materials and instructions: To ensure efficient installation and to avoid unnecessary damage or injury, review all materials and instructions prior to installation. Ensure all tools and equipment are available, including any assistance required for safe lifting and placement of bollards.

Ensure alignment: Measure and mark all mounting locations prior to installation. For straight-line configuration, use a chalk line to ensure uniform arrangement.

Never slide or drag: Site furnishings should never be slid or dragged. If they need to be set down, cushion with packaging material to avoid scrapes and abrasions.

Prepare touch-ups: Have touch-up paint on site in case items are scratched during installation. Any scratches should be covered as soon as possible, especially on steel or iron components, to prevent rust. See care and maintenance for further details.


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