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Showing 1–40 of 74 results

Hardscape and bollards for transportation and aviation

When choosing products made of iron and steel, some states and municipalities must certify products through Buy America or Buy American acts. Under NAFTA, our products may be suitable to these acts depending on order volume, cost, buyer, or unique design. For projects that do not meet such criteria, we offer a selection of American-made steel and iron products. Read more about Buy America.

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Bollards are small guidance posts that delineate space and guide traffic. Crash-rated and security bollards, with steel made in the US, protect your site against accident or attack. Decorative bollards provide a complement to architecture and create a sense of place.


Looking for ADA compliant trench grates, tree grates, or detectable warning plates? American made cast-iron can be bought raw or painted. These hard-wearing hardscape items will often outlast the concrete they are placed in.

Buy American, Buy America

Our products may be used in a number of sectors. Whether you’re a federal, state, or municipal purchaser buying for construction, aviation, or transportation, we offer American-made bollards and hardscape for ease of use in your project.

American made steel and iron

Our head office is in Canada, but we have relationships with manufacturers all over the world. American suppliers have products ready to drop-ship to your location. Bollards and hardscape that are Buy America and Buy American compliant can be chosen without the need for a waiver.

Steel and iron tariffs

Our made in the USA steel and iron products avoid the tariff levied on Chinese imports. If the right product for your project is made in China, overall price may still offer an advantage. Ask our sales team for a quote.

Buy America municipal products

Municipalities looking for compliant, waiver-free Buy America tree grates, trench grates, or detectable warning plates can choose any of our hardscape line with confidence. These common municipal products are available in raw or finished cast iron in a variety of styles to suit the streetscape.