Cast ductile iron ensures exceptional strength and versatile design

Cast iron bollards are made from high-quality ductile iron, a tough alloy with superior castability. Molten ductile iron flows easily into small areas in a casting mold, giving sharp detailing to decorative cast iron designs. The strength and weight of ductile iron give it a classic architectural look. Ductile iron bollards come with a range of mounting options, both removable and permanent. They can also be used as reinforcement over security pipe bollards. Read more

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Ductile Iron Advantages

Standard cast iron is strong but brittle. In contrast, ductile iron has a molecular structure that allows it to absorb impact without fracturing. The carbon in ductile cast iron is nodular or rounded, which allows microstructures in the iron to slide past one another when hit, rather than chipping away.

While standard cast iron products are susceptible to breakage, ductile iron bollards resist cracking, making for safer and more resilient site furnishings.

Powder Coating

Reliance Foundry offers cast iron bollards in 6 standard powder-coating colors to suit the design aesthetics of a building or site or to enhance visibility.

Applied electrostatically, powder coatings cover every piece of exposed metal. This creates a complete seal with no pinholes or bubbles that may be found in paint applications. This coating therefore provides excellent protection against wear and rust, ensuring long-term performance with minimal required maintenance.

Installing Cast Iron Bollards

Decorative bollards can be installed on removable or permanent mounts. Removable decorative bollards provide temporary or seasonal access. Permanent bollards can either stand-alone or be used as reinforcing cast iron over steel-and-concrete posts. View Premium Removable Installation

Stand-alone applications

  • Embedded anchors for new concrete
  • Drop-in anchors for existing concrete
  • Adhesive anchors for existing concrete
  • Flanged surface mountings for existing concrete

Steel pipe cover applications

  • Embedded rod for new posts
  • Drop-in anchors for existing posts
  • Adhesive anchors for existing posts