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Showing all 39 results

Tree grates, trench drains, and detectable warning plates for sale

Select from various hardscape supplies designed to work in urban or industrial environments. High-quality cast iron materials withstand rigorous conditions with no maintenance for products that stand strong in any climate.

Reliance Foundry hardscape products are designed and manufactured in the USA, in compliance with the Buy American Act.

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Durable hardscape products are ideal for urban infrastructure and industrial settings. Protect valuable greenspaces, find drainage solutions, and improve accessibility with our hardscape product line that includes tree grates, trench grates, and detectable warning plates.

Tree grates: Select from a range of decorative tree grate designs that provide protection for trees and surrounding soil. Smart grate designs ensure that moisture, light, and air reach trees. Our ADA- approved tree grates conform to current size and shape standards. Read more about tree grates.

Trench grates: Trench grates prevent flooding of any open space that could accumulate surface water or rainwater. Heavy-duty and decorative trench grates both handle extensive loads and keep surfaces safe and dry for pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Read more about trench grates.

Detectable warning plates: Tactile paving with truncated domes help guide the visually impaired through urban streets. Our cast iron detectable warning plates comply with all ADA and ABA guidelines. Both raw (patina) and painted finishes provide clear color contrast. Read more about detectable warning plates.