A specification overview of Reliance Foundry’s single and double flanged wheels

An overview of the critical dimensions and specifications for each of Reliance Foundry’s single flanged and double flanged industrial wheels is shown below. Use this information to determine which wheels might meet the requirements of your wheel project.

ModelWeight (lbs)Flange Diameter (in)Tread Diameter (in)Tread Width (in)Bore Diameter (in) (standard) or bore to suitBore Length (in)Hub Diameter (in)Safe Working Load (lbs)Materialhf:att:pa_weight-lbshf:att:pa_flange-diameter-inhf:att:pa_tread-diameter-inhf:att:pa_tread-width-inhf:att:pa_bore-diameter-inhf:att:pa_bore-length-inhf:att:pa_hub-diameter-inhf:att:pa_safe-working-load-lbshf:att:pa_material