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Showing all 36 results

Traffic posts and covers, made in the United States

Some transportation, construction, or aviation projects need to buy American bollards for compliance with Buy American/Buy America legislation. We offer a range of decorative and functional bollards made in the US. Choose security and crash-rated bollards to protect people and property from vehicles, and cover them with decorative cast iron bollards to enhance the streetscape. Read more about buy america bollards.

Buy American Act compliance

For federal and some State projects at certain budget levels, our full line of bollards are Buy America/n Act compliant through NAFTA. Waivers may be available especially where our designs are unique and unavailable from US manufacturers.

American-made steel

All our crash-rated bollards and security bollards are made in American steel mills. Security bollards are often used in parking lots and around utility boxes: they are made of steel pipe, embedded into the substrate, and both filled and surrounded by concrete. Their stopping power depends on installation and local conditions. Crash-rated bollards have tested stopping power.

DOD required; FEMA recommended perimeters

Choose crash-rated bollards to provide proven protection to vulnerable buildings and pedestrian areas. Our range of crash bollards are easy to install and have a variety of attractive cover options available. Crash-rated bollards are made in the USA, making them a great choice for those purchasers trying to buy from American suppliers.