Reliance Foundry’s commitment to sustainable practices

The US Green Building Council (USGBC) administers a certification system called the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design green building system (LEED). As environmentally-sustainable practices gain momentum, the US government requires federal government projects to use green building practices, where LEED is the preferred rating system.

Reliance Foundry is committed to environmental sustainability through its products and daily operations.

Our cast iron products are made in part from recycled scrap iron that can be relied upon as an incredibly resilient and durable material. Furthermore, cast iron is low maintenance and does not require cleaning fluids, eliminating the exposure of toxic compounds to the environment.

Reliance Foundry detectable warning plates, tree grates, and trench grates contribute to the MRc4 Recycled Content LEED credit.

MRc4 Recycled Content: Complete the worksheet using the information below:

Post-Consumer Recycled Content
Post-Industrial Recycled Content
Pre-Consumer Recycled Content
Recycled Content per LEED v3
(1 post-consumer + 1/2 pre-consumer)

Ductile Cast Iron





LEED v3 Recycled Content = R
Unit Cost = C
Units Provided = U
Weighted Recycled Content Cost (R x C x U)


To obtain a letter and LEED Certification Form for your project, please contact our sales department.

Credits and criteria referenced are based on LEED for New Construction and Major Renovations, v3. Visit for additional LEED rating systems or for additional information.