Reliance Foundry’s R-7536 decorative bollards line the entranceway for the Tyle Texas Church

Elevating Urban Charm

In contemporary urban design, decorative bollards provide critical functionality while enhancing the visual appeal of streetscapes. This dual role not only contributes to the safety and order of urban environments but also elevates their aesthetic value, making cities more inviting and livable. Let’s explore how decorative bollards achieve this blend of beauty and utility.

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A bollard with a keyhole and a strip saying Reliance foundry guards a closed alleyway with lanterns strung across it

Enhancing Vancouver’s Urban Landscape

In the heart of Downtown Vancouver, amidst the city’s bustling streets and vibrant landmarks, Reliance Foundry’s bollards play a crucial role. These bollards not only manage traffic and protect pedestrians but also contribute significantly to the urban landscape’s organization. From the iconic venues along Granville Street to the serene plazas surrounding the Vancouver Art Gallery, our bollards ensure safety and maintain aesthetic coherence.

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A selection of Reliance Foundry's newest lighted bollards on an orange background

Lighting the Way

At Reliance Foundry, we understand that safety and design are paramount in creating functional, aesthetically pleasing outdoor environments. That’s why we’re excited to showcase our range of LED bollards that not only illuminate pathways and landscapes but also enhance them through innovative design and technology.

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Dusk setting over a modern building with a lit pathway lined with tall grass and bollard lights.

Safety in The Spotlight

The deployment of lit bollards provides an optimal solution, offering not just illumination but also a beacon of reassurance. These luminous guardians stand at the intersection of practical safety measures and psychological comfort, casting their light on the dual facets of urban well-being.

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Sunset view of a bustling city street with people sitting on benches and Reliance Foundry R-6321 Elysium lit bollards installed along the walkway for pedestrian safety.

Illuminating the Path

In dynamic urban landscapes, lit bollards stand as beacons of innovation, merging practicality with artistic expression to enrich our nightscapes. These pivotal components do more than illuminate pathways; they unlock the potential to craft welcoming, vibrant spaces that resonate with the communities they inhabit.

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A night shot of R-6301 Austin Lighted Bollards installed at a public facility downtown

Shedding Light on Urban Safety

In urban design, balancing safety with aesthetic appeal is a crucial challenge. Lit bollards are key to this balance, offering not just practical safety features but also enhancing the visual appeal of a space. These illuminated fixtures guide traffic, protect pedestrians, and create a sense of security with their effective lighting.

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Reliance Foundry Halvard Crash-Rated Bollards and R-7307 covers installed on a sidewalk

New Year, New Boundaries

In a constantly evolving urban landscape, the need for robust security measures is more pressing than ever. Amidst this backdrop, crash-rated bollards play a pivotal role far beyond their unassuming appearance. These structures serve as a crucial barrier, offering robust protection in an era increasingly concerned with mitigating the risks of vehicular threats.

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Vancouver's Science World and BC Place Stadium illuminated at night.

Lit Bollards and Dark Sky Compliance

Light pollution is an escalating environmental issue that affects not just our ability to admire the night sky, but also has profound impacts on ecosystems and human health. In this piece, we delve into the role of Dark Sky compliant bollards and Dark Sky path lighting in mitigating this issue. These solutions offer a sustainable approach to reduce light pollution in urban and architectural settings, providing essential illumination while preserving the night sky.

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Storefront with shattered window reflecting a police car, indicating a recent ram-raid incident.

The New Age of Property Crime

In today’s landscape, where property crimes are on a steady rise, businesses and public facilities are increasingly confronted with a daunting and destructive threat—the ram-raid. We’ll discuss the various strategies used to prevent these aggressive assaults, including the strategic implementation of crash-rated bollards, a proven and formidable line of defense. By delving into the nuances of security architecture and highlighting the role of well-designed, crash-rated bollards, this article aims to equip businesses with the knowledge and tools necessary to protect their premises.

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A bright yellow bollard is highly visible in a parking lot full of cars

Safety Bollards

While cars play an essential role in our daily lives, there’s a need to balance the convenience they bring with the safety of pedestrians and property. Safety bollards play a critical role in modern urban planning, providing a protective barrier that helps prevent accidents and potential harm.

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Reliance Foundry R-7902 removable bollards connected using fencing as line control.

Enhancing Line Control

Line control is a critical aspect of ensuring a smooth and organized flow of visitors at entertainment venues, stadiums, and other popular establishments. There is a growing trend of utilizing bollards as effective tools for managing entry lines, both indoors and out.

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