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Polyurethane coating protects the Metropol Parasol in Plaza de la Encarnacion

Polyurethane Plastic

Polyurethane is a polymer joined by urethane links. These links are formed by reacting a di- or poly-isocyanate with a polyol. Polyurethane is unique in

Workers fill a truck in a loading bay protected by warehouse bollards

Industrial and Warehouse Bollards

Warehouses, factories, and other large industrial properties are complex high-traffic locations. Every day, many people stream onto the site. They arrive in heavy-duty trucks, employee

Home Bollard

Polyethylene Plastic

Polyethylene is by far the most common type of consumer plastic, and is used in many everyday materials. It is a thermoplastic product, meaning that

Bollards Best of 2018

Best Bollards of 2018

2018 has been a big year for Reliance Foundry. Sales have toppled all historical records, reaching back as far as 1925 and the big iron

A bright yellow bollard is highly visible in a parking lot full of cars

Safety Bollards

Cars: They’re transportation, status symbols, collectors’ items, hobbies, and a major line item on household balance sheets. For many people, vehicles allow freedom and range,

A pink stone building with windows reflecting blue sky has a framework of scaffolds during historic rehabilitation

Historic Preservation

What is historic preservation? Historic preservation is the process of choosing, investigating, and maintaining older sites that capture cultural legacy. Using the expertise of historians,