Outdoor Products

Outdoor Products

Reliance Foundry supplies outdoor products and custom metal casting services

All Reliance Reliance Foundry products incorporate precision design, strict manufacturing standards and high quality standards for long-lasting dependability in demanding environments. Volume discounts for large-scale projects are included in our online listings. Our knowledgeable staff is always available to provide assistance or a project quote.

About Us

Reliance Foundry delivers the highest-quality stock and custom-designed products for architectural site furnishings, traffic management and industrial applications. Since 1925, Reliance Foundry has built upon a long lasting tradition of metal casting expertise to become an award-winning supplier for high-profile and everyday needs across North America.

R-7307 stainless steel bollard cover

R-7307 Stainless Steel Bollard Cover

Simple with clean lines, stainless steel bollard covers provide stylish protection from wear and corrosion for steel post security pipes. Stainless steel flat-top covers are minimalist to suit any modern landscape or architectural style. The R-7307 is sized for steel pipes under 6-5/8″ in diameter.

Our Blog

Reliance Foundry’s blog provides architects, engineers, city planners, and other industry professionals with metallurgy resources, original research, urban planning tips, and more.

Our practical articles help anyone interested in castings or hardscapes make better decisions and keep up to date with industry trends.

Bollard Installation Methods

Bollard Installation Methods

Looking for bollard installation instructions? View detailed text and video instructions

Selecting the right bollard and installation method will depend on the needs of your site. Our detailed installation methods will help to insure efficient installation, and keep bollards operating properly for years to come.

Reliance Foundry’s installation methods allow bollards to define architectural perimeters, create architectural highlights, and act as visual traffic guidance devices.