Flanged Wheels

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Showing all 15 results

Industrial cart and track wheels available in single or double flanged configurations

Steel cart wheels are suitable for a range of industrial applications. All Reliance Foundry wheels are designed and manufactured to exceed industry norms with the best value and price in mind. Heavy duty wheels are manufactured from cast or forged steel to ensure the highest strength and durability—minimizing time required for maintenance and servicing. Single and double flanged wheels are available. All industrial wheels are kept in-stock and ready for immediate shipment.

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Wheel comparisons

Compare the critical dimensions and specifications for each of Reliance Foundry’s single flanged and double flanged industrial wheels for your project needs. Compare all single and double flanged rail wheels

Solid steel for heavy duty application

Reliance Foundry wheels are made from solid steel to ensure the best in performance and durability. Steel is an exceptionally strong material with a high tensile strength. Unlike cast iron, which is brittle in nature, steel has a longer service life and is less likely to fracture. These industrial wheels are designed and manufactured to meet specific performance requirements and are inspected throughout production to ensure quality.

Custom services

All steel cart wheels are manufactured with a standard rough machine finish but can be customized with additional features and machining:

  • Boring
  • Bushings (purchase and installation)
  • Hardening
  • Machine finishing
  • Tread profiling

Full customization services include consultation, design, prototyping, manufacturing, and shipment. Our experienced design staff is available to help identify the most suitable materials, pattern designs, and manufacturing processes to ensure the best value and performance based on intended applications and volume requirements.

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