Crosswalk Bollards

Improve pedestrian safety with crosswalk bollards

Walkability is one of the measures of a livable city, but in order to be walkable, pedestrians must be kept safe. To help keep pedestrians safe at busy intersections, Reliance Foundry offers crosswalk bollards. These lit bollards can be installed at any intersection that has pedestrian crossing lights.

Crosswalk bollards integrate with the walk signals to show red or green lights: green lights for the walking pedestrian (“walk”), flashing red lights for the flashing hand (“finish your walk, but don’t start walking”), and solid red lights for the steady hand (“don’t walk”).

The lower sightline of these bollard cap lights makes them more visible to pedestrians occupied with their cell phones, pets, or other distractions. Reflective tape and glass reflectors will reflect car headlights to also add visibility for both cars and pedestrians.

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