Steel Pipe Bollards

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Vehicle impact protection for property or pedestrian areas

Steel bollards are heavy-duty posts embedded deep into the substrate and filled with concrete. Steel pipe is often used in parking lots, around utility meters, before storefront windows, and to outline pedestrian areas. Architectural bollards can be placed over these steel posts to give them a classical decorative aesthetic.

If the steel bollard post is not covered with a decorative bollard, it should be sealed from the elements in another way. Paint is commonly used to hold corrosion at bay. Concrete bollard caps enhance the profile of painted posts.

Slide-over plastic bollard sleeves are another finishing option. They provide a clean, durable exterior that guards against weathering and does not chip or crack as easily as paint. Read more about steel pipe bollards.

Steel pipe protection

Security bollards are an unobtrusive way to protect people and places against vehicle impact. They block motor vehicles without slowing foot-traffic. They’re ideal for many security and safety situations.

red plastic covers over steel pipe posts

Utility meters and power boxes:

Meters and junction boxes are often found in parking lots or outside building walls. Vehicle accidents involving them can disrupt water, gas, or electrical service to a building. To prevent a small accident from causing a large disruption, steel parking bollards can be placed as a guard. These posts are often required by utilities companies.

steel pipe bollards

Gas pumps and other hazards

Bollard posts are a familiar sight around gas pumps, where many cars must maneuver in sometimes crowded lanes. Here, and in other dangerous locations, security poles not only protect assets from cars, but also protect cars from external risk.

steel pipe posts covered with decorative bollards

Pedestrian areas: 

Well-placed bollards protect people without creating an impediment. Around playgrounds, along footpaths and sidewalks, and in front of buildings, they mark car-free spaces. Bollards guard against crash and criminality but also act as traffic guides.

steel pipe bollards

Perimeter security

Security bollards are often used to deter smash-and-grab or ram-raid burglaries, where vehicles are used to crash through storefront windows. Steel pipe bollards can also be used to create a wide perimeter, at standoff distance or farther, around high-security installations. A site engineer supervising their installation can calculate what impact resistance they may provide. They are very effective creating pedestrian friendly plazas around places like sports arenas or event venues that draw many attendees.

steel pipe bollards

Bollard Caps

Steel pipe bollards can be capped to create clean and consistent finishes. They avoid messy or unfinished alternatives and deliver smooth profiles. Bollard caps save time and labor costs and prevent patchy and uneven hand-formed peaks. Concrete caps are made from 5,000 psi concrete reinforced with microfibers to create wear-resistant finishes.

steel pipe bollards

Secure Installation

Concrete-filled steel tube (CFST) bollards are well-known and impact-tested construction materials. ASTM 500 B structural grade steel is strong enough to withstand significant shock. These bollards are not ASTM-crash rated, and an on-site engineer must supervise installation to advise on site suitability and final impact-strength. When installed properly, CFST can provide kilonewtons of stopping force. Several installation factors affect the protective capacity of the bollards, such as site conditions, bollard dimensions, and installation materials.

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Bollard covers

Steel surfaces are prone to corrosion, so security bollards ship with standard primer coating. Bollards should be painted regularly or protected with an appropriate bollard cover. Decorative metal covers are available in ductile iron, steel, stainless steel, or aluminum. A variety of designs are available to enhance landscape or streetscape. Plastic sleeves and plastic decorative covers are available in ten different colors. They offer eye-catching protection to match building or brand.

Custom lengths

The four standard diameter steel bollards are available in 7-foot lengths and can be cut to specified heights.

Decorative Covers

Plastic Covers

Stainless Steel Covers