Crash-Rated Bollards

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Showing all 6 results

ASTM certified, crash-tested, high impact bollards—C40 to M50

High-impact, engineered bollards are designed to stop vehicles and secure perimeters against vehicle attack. Traditionally, the Department of Defense offered K-ratings for these bollards, to verify that they were able to stop a medium-duty truck at a variety of speeds. Today, ASTM International provides an expanded set of standards that also tests bollards against lighter and heavier vehicle classes. All our bollards are certified to stop vehicles in less than 4 feet. Single C40 and M30 models are certified P1, meaning they stop a vehicle in 3.3 feet. Two M50 models together are also P1 certified.

Safeguard your site against accident or attack by choosing the right barrier for your location. Our easy-to-install crash-rated bollards don’t require extensive excavation. No standard installation below 36 in, and a minimal surface footprint from 30×30 in to 48×72 in.

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R-7842 steel covers over ASTM C40 crash rated bollards

The ASTM C40 bollard—parking lot protection

ASTM’s standard test method for perimeter barriers designates C40 as the rating for a barrier that stops a 2,430 pound vehicle moving at 40 miles per hour. It’s tested with a compact-car equivalent test vehicle.

Many parking lots have curbs, speed bumps, or parking stops, and are generally busy. In these conditions, the average vehicle speed is slow. Many parking lots install C40 bollards, as they will generally be enough to stop accidents caused by driver inattention, medical issue, or pedal confusion. Similarly, if there are very few straight segments where a car can pick up speed, and if the area is inaccessible to large vehicles, the C40 can be used in front of storefronts against ram-raid attack.

R-7743 steel covers over K4 ASTM M30 crash rated bollards

Medium security with the K4 rated / ASTM M30 bollard

The M30 designation is the equivalent of the K4 rating from the DoD. When a bollard or other barrier is rated M30, it has been proven to stop a 15,000 pound vehicle moving 30 miles per hour. This is a medium-duty truck travelling at residential speeds. M30 may be used in some anti-ram raid and anti-terrorist perimeters.

FEMA guidelines suggest that secure perimeters be built in response to the geography and risk likely at that location. If there isn’t a long stretch of open road offering an acceleration zone, or if there are long distances between building and secure outer perimeter, the M30 is a common choice.

decorative metal covers over K12 ASTM M50 crash rated bollards

High security bollards—K12 rated / ASTM M50 bollard for maximum anti-terrorist protection

Government buildings and high-security installations with substantial road access may wish to create an M50 (K12) rated perimeter. This rating states that the bollard has been tested with a medium-duty truck moving at 50 miles per hour. Where trucks may have the option of getting up to freeway speeds, these substantial anti-terrorist bollards stand guard as part of a comprehensive security plan.

plastic crash rated bollard covers

Attractive finishes, from high-visibility to formal covers

Crash-rated bollards prioritize function over form; they are installed for their stopping power. The crash- protective bollard, however, is usually just the inner-core of a bollard installation. It comes primed or galvanized to help protect against moisture, but it is not finished.

For longevity and aesthetics these impact-stopping cores should be covered.

Crash-rated bollard covers come in a wide range of options. They can be made of plastic, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, or iron. Plastic is often found in parking lots, protecting utilities boxes or gas pumps, or guiding traffic outside of drive through windows. Many plastic covers are simple sheaths ringed with reflective tape. High-visibility colors are popular. Plastic covers can also be purchased in architectural forms and dark colors.

Formal or high-end locations, especially surrounding entrances, tend to have metal bollard covers to bestow curb-appeal. These decorative bollard designs range from the classical to the quirky.