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A Guide to Automatic Bollards

Two automatic bollards in a pedestrian zone with people in the background

The use of automatic bollards as a dynamic means of controlling vehicle access to restricted areas has increased in popularity as the technology that drives them becomes more sophisticated and reliable. Automatic bollards provide a more versatile option for creating site barriers, particularly in dynamic environments.

Introducing ThermoWood: A Revolutionary Alternative to Regular Wood

A dog sitting on a ThermoWood park bench.

ThermoWood is a type of thermally modified wood created through a process developed at the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland in collaboration with the Finnish wood product industry, which is licensed to members of the International ThermoWood Association.

Selecting the Right Plants for Your Planter Bollards

Yellow mums in planter bollard

Introducing plant life to your outdoor space, whether that’s a commercial area, public plaza, or community space, can help create more vibrant, healthy, and sustainable urban areas. Incorporating greenery can help improve the air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide, provide habitats for wildlife, and contribute to the preservation of the bee population.

Best Bollards, Benches, and Hardscape of 2022

We certainly hope that 2023 will bring a new, less anxious normalcy. Yet we’ve gained some gems in the tough times, and some of the things we’ve learned along the way will follow us as the post-Covid world restarts.