Folding bollards are easy to adjust to change traffic patterns

Collapsible bollards control access to service or emergency lanes, parking areas, or other restricted locations. Fold-down parking bollards can be manually operated to be locked upright or collapsed to allow temporary access with no need for additional storage. Read more

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Dedicated Collapsible Bollard

The R-8430 has a built-in collapsible base and an internal locking system, so no additional hardware is required. The safety yellow powder-coating protects the bollard from corrosion and increases visibility for drivers.

High-quality Materials: Powder Coat And Stainless Steel

Fold-down steel bollards are powder-coated to protect them from corrosion and ensure lasting functionality. Choose from standard powder coat colors to increase visibility in high-traffic areas, or to match storefront style. For a more modern look, choose collapsible stainless steel bollards.

Collapsible Mounting Option

Add collapsibility to any R-790X or R-890X steel or stainless steel bollard with a fold-down base (base hardware cost is not included in the bollard price). Hinged receivers fold down for quick and convenient access to controlled areas. Hardware can be surface-mounted to new or existing concrete. Easily lock in the upright position with a single padlock. View Collapsible Mounting Option

Please note that vehicle access over collapsed parking posts requires a clearance greater than the diameter of the installed bollard.