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ModelFunctionHeight (in)Weight (lbs)Base Dia (in)MaterialMaximum Interior Post Diameter (in)Maximum Interior Post Height (in)
R-7539 decorative architectural bollard
R-7539Bollard / Cover Fluted35-3/47510-1/4Ductile Iron4-1/225
R-7551 decorative bollard
R-7551Bollard / Cover Non-Fluted35-3/47910-1/4Ductile Iron4-1/225
R-7589 decorative bollard
R-7589Bollard / Cover Fluted3511115Ductile Iron4-1/225
R-7561 decorative metal bollard
R-7561Bollard / Cover Non-Fluted3511615Ductile Iron4-1/225
R-7592 decorative bollard
R-7592Bollard / Cover Fluted357310-1/4Ductile Iron4-1/225
R-7555 decorative bollard
R-7555Bollard / Cover Non-Fluted357610-1/4Ductile Iron4-1/225
R-7301 stainless steel bollard cover
R-7301Bollard / Cover3625316 Stainless4-1/234
R-7582 decorative bollard
R-7582Bollard / Cover Fluted3410915Ductile Iron4-1/225
R-8464 stainless steel removable bollard
R-8464Removable35-1/2266.5316 Stainless
R-8464-RA powder coated removable bollard
R-8464-RARemovable35-1/2266.5316 Powder Coated
R-7591 decorative cast iron bollard
R-7591Bollard / Cover Fluted327710-1/4Ductile Iron4-1/225
R-7302 slant-top stainless steel bollard cover
R-7302Bollard / Cover3625316 Stainless4-1/234
R-7302-EX stainless steel bollard cover with slanted top
R-7302-EXBollard / Cover4430316 Stainless4-1/240
R-9821 solar light bollard.
R-9821Solar Lighted3630Steel
R-7539-AL removable decorative bollard
R-7539-ALBollard / Cover Fluted35-3/43110-1/4Aluminum4-1/225
R-7589-AL cast aluminum decorative bollard
R-7589-ALBollard / Cover Fluted354515Aluminum4-1/225
R-7591-AL decorative cast aluminum bollard
R-7591-ALBollard / Cover Fluted323110-1/4Aluminum4-1/225
R-7553 decorative bollard
R-7553Bollard / Cover Non-Fluted328110-1/4Ductile Iron4-1/225
R-8472 stainless steel retractable bollard
R-8472Retractable35-1/2258.7316 Stainless
R-8472-RA steel retractable bollards
R-8472-RARetractable35-1/2258.7316 Powder Coated
R-7901 steel bollard
R-7581 decorative bollard
R-7581Bollard / Cover Fluted3111415Ductile Iron4-1/225
R-7581-AL aluminum decorative bollard
R-7581-ALBollard / Cover Fluted314815Aluminum4-1/225
R-7530-AL decorative bollard
R-7530-ALBollard / Cover Fluted392510Aluminum3-1/229
R-9830 Lighted Bollard
R-9830AC Lighted39.413Aluminum
R-7303 stainless steel bollard cover
R-7303Bollard / Cover3626316 Stainless4-1/234
R-7902 steel bollard
R-9831 Lighted Bollard
R-9831AC Lighted39.413Aluminum
Studio photo of the R-9834 lighted bollard.
R-9834AC Lighted35.49Aluminum
R-9832 lighted bollard studio photo.
R-9832AC Lighted23.64Aluminum
R-7563 decorative bollard
R-7563Bollard / Cover Non-Fluted3111915Ductile Iron4-1/225
R-7301-EX stainless steel bollard cover
R-7301-EXBollard / Cover4229316 Stainless4-1/240
R-7972 steel bike parking bollard
R-7972Bike Bollard36324-5/16Steel
Direct view of R-9833 lighted bollard studio.
R-9833AC Lighted23.64Aluminum
R-7598 decorative bollard
R-7598Bollard / Cover Fluted369310-1/4Ductile Iron4-1/225
R-7303-EX stainless steel bollard cover
R-7303-EXBollard / Cover4230316 Stainless4-1/240
R-7743 decorative bollard
R-7743Bollard / Cover4415411-3/4Steel10-3/439
R-7552 decorative bollard
R-7552Bollard / Cover Non-Fluted369610-1/4Ductile Iron4-1/225
R-7305 stainless steel bollard cover
R-7305Bollard / Cover3646316 Stainless6-5/834
R-7911 steel bollard
R-7583 decorative bollard
R-7538Bollard / Cover Fluted3512915Ductile Iron4-1/225
R-7306 stainless steel bollard cover with slant-top design
R-7306Bollard / Cover3848316 Stainless6-5/834
R-7306-EX slant-top stainless steel bollard cover
R-7306-EXBollard / Cover4454316 Stainless6-5/840
R-7912 steel bollard
R-7530 decorative bollard
R-7530Bollard / Cover Fluted396110Ductile Iron3-1/229
R-7307 stainless steel bollard cover
R-7307Bollard / Cover3647316 Stainless6-5/834
R-7913 steel bike parking bollard
R-7913Bike Bollard36636-1/2Steel
R-7576 decorative bollard
R-7576Bollard / Cover34515-3/4Ductile Iron4-1/231
R-7305-EX stainless steel bollard cover
R-7305-EXBollard / Cover4253316 Stainless6-5/840
R-7842 steel decoriative bollard cover
R-7842Bollard / Cover421119-1/2Steel7-5/838
R-7571 decorative bollard
R-7571Bollard / Cover40-1/2645-3/4Ductile Iron4-1/231
R-7307-EX stainless steel bollard cover
R-7307-EXBollard / Cover4254316 Stainless6-5/840
Yellow R-7236 bolt down bollard
R-7236Asset Protection3640Steel
R-7575 decorative bollard
R-7575Bollard / Cover39-3/8625-3/4Ductile Iron4-1/231
R-7309 stainless steel bollard cover
R-7309Bollard / Cover4267316 Stainless8-5/840
Black R-7242 bolt down bollard
R-7242Asset Protection4245Steel
R-7573 decorative bollard
R-7573Bollard / Cover36-1/2675-3/4Ductile Iron4-1/231
R-7310 angle-top stainless steel bollard cover
R-7310Bollard / Cover4469316 Stainless8-5/840
R-7642 bolt down bollard
R-7642Asset Protection4278Steel
R-7572 decorative bollard
R-7572Bollard / Cover40-1/2825-3/4Ductile Iron4-1/231
R-7311 stainless steel bollard cover
R-7311Bollard / Cover4269316 Stainless8-5/840
R-7539-B decorative bike bollard
R-7539-BBike Bollard35-3/48010-1/4Ductile Iron3-1/225
R-7648 steel bolt down bollard
R-7648Asset Protection4887Steel
R-7535 decorative bollard
R-7535Bollard / Cover Fluted3921114Ductile Iron10-3/436
R-7313 stainless steel bollard cover
R-7313Bollard / Cover4280316 Stainless10-3/440
R-7736 decorative bollard
R-7736Bollard / Cover3612711-3/4Steel10-3/431
R-7536 decorative bollard
R-7536Bollard / Cover47-1/224816Ductile Iron836
R-7314 stainless steel slant-top bollard cover
R-7314Bollard / Cover4483316 Stainless10-3/440
R-7835 decorative bollard
R-7835Bollard / Cover35809-1/2Steel8-5/831
R-7593 decorative bollard
R-7593Bollard / Cover53-3/425916Ductile Iron836
R-7576-B decorative bike bollard with bike-locking arms
R-7576-BBike Bollard34565-3/4Ductile Iron4-1/231
R-7315 flat-top stainless steel bollard covers
R-7315Bollard / Cover4283316 Stainless10-3/440
R-7743-FL decorative bollard
R-7743-FLBollard / Cover4417617Steel10-3/439
R-7595 decorative bollard
R-7595Bollard / Cover52-1/225616Ductile Iron836
R-7317 dome-top stainless steel bollard covers
R-7317Bollard / Cover4294316 Stainless12-3/440
R-7744 decorative bollard
R-7744Bollard / Cover44-1/215113Steel10-3/440
R-7585 decorative bollard
R-7585Bollard / Cover Fluted52-1/220016Ductile Iron836
R-7318 stainless steel bollard cover with slant-top design
R-7318Bollard / Cover4497316 Stainless12-3/440
R-7319 flat top stainless steel bollard cover
R-7319Bollard / Cover4297316 Stainless12-3/440
martello steel embedded bollard
R-7651-EMBollard22-1/218024-1/2 in x 25-1/2Steel
R-7533 decorative bollard
R-7533Bollard / Cover49-3/425416Ductile Iron836
R-7322 stainless steel bollard cover
R-7322Bollard / Cover36234-1/3316 Stainless3-1/235
R-7553-B decorative bike bollard with bike-locking arms
R-7553-BBike Bollard328610-1/4Ductile Iron3-1/225
R-7661 Bollards
R-2011 corner guard
R-2011-YEL-BLK4Recycled Rubber Composite
R-2012 rubber corner guard
R-2012-YEL-BLK5Recycled Rubber Composite
R-7532 decorative bollard
R-7532Bollard / Cover53-3/427016Ductile Iron836
R-2013 wall guard
R-2013-YEL-BLK12Recycled Rubber Composite
R-7341 stainless steel bollard cover with rounded top
R-7341Bollard / Cover31-7/885Stainless Steel 31610-3/430
R-1009-40 C40 crash-rated bollard
R-1009-40Fixed Crash-Rated Bollard661906-5/8Steel
R-7691 decorative bollard
R-7691Bollard / Cover Fluted3914815Ductile Iron6-5/830
R-9471 single locking retractable bollard
R-9471Retractable35-3/8278-3/4316 Stainless
R-1009-40-R C40 removable crash-rated bollard
R-1009-40-RRemovable Crash-Rated Bollard661906-5/8Steel
R-7520 decorative bollard
R-7520Bollard / Cover Fluted3518315-1/2Ductile Iron6-5/830
R-8904 stainless steel bike bollard with bike-locking arms
R-8904Bike Bollard36424-1/3316 Stainless
R-8471 single locking retractable bollard
R-8471Retractable35-1/2258.7316 Stainless
R-8471-RA single locking retractable bollard
R-8471-RARetractable35-1/2258.7316 Powder Coated
R-1009-04 M30 removable crash-rated bollard
R-1009-04Fixed Crash-Rated Bollard724108-5/8Steel
R-7510 decorative bollard
R-7510Bollard30337Ductile Iron6-5/824
R-9472 double locking retractable bollard
R-9472Retractable35-3/8278-3/4316 Stainless
R-1009-04-R M30 Removable Crash-Rated Bollards
R-1009-04-RRemovable Crash-Rated Bollard724108-5/8Steel
R-7611 decorative bollard
R-7611Bollard236512Ductile Iron5-1/218
R-9464 stainless steel removable bollard
R-9464Removable35-3/8286-1/2316 Stainless
R-1009-12 M50 crash-rated bollard
R-1009-12Fixed Crash-Rated Bollard75.5125710-3/4Steel
R-7551-B decorative bike bollard with bike-locking arms
R-7551-BBike Bollard35-3/48710-1/4Ductile Iron3-1/225
R-7542 decorative bollard
R-7542Bollard / Cover Fluted307710Ductile Iron2-7/819
R-9460 stainless steel bollard
R-9460Embedded/Fixed35-3/8246.3316 Stainless
R-1009-12-R M50 removable crash-rated bollard
R-1009-12-RRemovable Crash-Rated Bollard75.5125710-3/4Steel
R-7583 decorative bollard
R-7583Bollard / Cover49-3/420416Ductile Iron836
R-8460 stainless steel bollard
R-8460Embedded/Fixed35-1/2206.3316 Stainless
R-8464-RA powder coating removable bollard
R-8460-RAEmbedded/Fixed35-1/2206.3316 Powder Coated
R-1007-04 steel pipe security bollard
R-1007-04Pipe Bollard84764-1/2Steel
R-7584 decorative bollard
R-7584Bollard / Cover53-3/420016Ductile Iron836
R-7591-B decorative bike bollard with bike-locking arms
R-7591-BBike Bollard328210-1/4Ductile Iron3-1/225
R-7186 bolt down bollard internal mounting system
R-7186Asset Protection2411316 Stainless
R-1007-06 steel pipe security bollard
R-1007-06Pipe Bollard841336-5/8Steel
R-7586 decorative bollard
R-7586Bollard / Cover47-1/218916Ductile Iron836
R-7187 bolt down bollard
R-7187Asset Protection3214316 Stainless
R-1007-08 steel pipe security bollard
R-1007-08Pipe Bollard842008-5/8Steel
R-7587 decorative bollard
R-7587Bollard / Cover53-3/421016Ductile Iron836
R-7182 bolt down bollard
R-7182Asset Protection2412316 Stainless
R-1007-10 steel pipe security bollard
R-1007-10Pipe Bollard8428410-3/4Steel
R-7183 bolt down bollard with domed top
R-7183Asset Protection3215316 Stainless
R-9821-FL solar bollard.
R-9821-FLSolar Lighted3630Steel
R-8907 stainless steel bollard
R-8907Bollard36324-1/3316 Stainless
R-8430 collapsible bollard
R-8430Fold Down24-1/2125Steel
R-7530-B decorative bike bollard
R-7530-BBike Bollard396610Ductile Iron3-1/229
R-8901 stainless steel bollard
R-8901Bollard36364-1/3316 Stainless
R-7903 bike bollard with bike-locking arms
R-7903Bike Bollard36444-1/3Steel
R-8902 stainless steel bollard
R-8902Bollard36344-1/3316 Stainless
R-7903-RSA bike bollard with bike arms
R-7903-RSABike Bollard36454-1/3Steel
R-8911 stainless steel bollard
R-8911Bollard36586-1/2316 Stainless
R-7905 post and ring bike bollard
R-7905Bike Bollard36514-1/3Steel
R-8912 stainless steel bollard
R-8912Bollard36526-1/2316 Stainless
R-7835 steel bike bollard
R-7835-BBike Bollard35969-1/2Steel8-5/831
R-8914 Stainless Steel Bollard
R-8914Bollard36586-1/2316 Stainless
R-7904 bike bollard
R-7904Bike Bollard36354-1/3Steel
R-8903 stainless steel bike bollard
R-8903Bike Bollard36444-1/3316 Stainless
R-7904-RSA bike bollard
R-7904-RSABike Bollard36364-1/3Steel
R-8908 stainless steel bike bollard
R-8908Bike Bollard36374-3/8316 Stainless
R-7906 post and ring bike bollard
R-7906Bike Bollard36424-1/3Steel
R-7914 steel bike bollard
R-7914Bike Bollard36576-1/2Steel
R-7535-B bike parking bollard
R-7535-BBike Bollard3921614Ductile Iron10-3/436
R-7914-RSA bollard with stainless steel bike parking arms
R-7914-RSABike Bollard36576-1/2Steel
black steel bollard with stainless steel bike arms
R-7913-RSABike Bollard36636-1/2Steel
R-8610 steel bollard with wood paneling
R-8610 steel bollard with bike arms and wooden paneling
R-8610-BBike Bollard36397-7/8 (square)Steel
R-8302 flexible fixed bollard
R-7571-B decorative bike bollard
R-7571-BBike Bollard40-1/2675-3/4Ductile Iron4-1/231
R-8323 flexible bollard for fixed or removable applications
R-8323-FL flexible bollard
R-8302-FL flexible bollard
R-8351 flexible bollard
R-8352 flexible bollard
R-9701 concrete bollard
R-9701Concrete Bollard3681518Concrete
R-9702 concrete bollard
R-9702Concrete Bollard39-1/251015-3/4Concrete
R-9703 concrete bollard top
R-9703Concrete Bollard321200Concrete
R-9705 concrete bollard top
R-9704-36Concrete Bollard3631011Concrete
R-9704 concrete bollard
R-9704-60Concrete Bollard6051011Concrete
R-9705 concrete bollards
R-9705Concrete Bollard3322010Concrete
R-7744-B steel bollard with bike arms
R-7744-BBike Bollard4415613Steel10-3/440
R-7173 decorative plastic bollard cover
R-7173Post Cover52127-1/2Plastic (LDPE)6-5/849
Black R-7173 decorative plastic bollard cover
R-7172Post Cover53127-3/4Plastic (LDPE)6-5/849
Black R-7171 decorative plastic bollard cover
R-7171Post Cover51128-3/8Plastic (LDPE)6-5/849
Black R-7175 decorative plastic bollard cover
R-7175Post Cover57127-1/4Plastic (LDPE)6-5/846
R-7173-L plastic bollard cover
R-7173-LPost Cover59-1/21511-5/8Plastic (LDPE)10-3/456
R-7176 decorative plastic bollard cover
R-7176Post Cover49-1/21512-1/4Plastic (LDPE)10-5/844
R-7174 decorative plastic bollard cover
R-7174Post Cover48-1/21517Plastic (LDPE)10-3/444
Yellow R-7100 plastic bollard cover
R-7100Post Cover5245Plastic (HDPE)4-1/250
R-7150 plastic bollard cover with red reflective strips
R-7150Post Cover55107-3/8Plastic (HDPE)6-1/253
Yellow R-7155 plastic bollard cover with red reflective strips
R-7155Post Cover611613Plastic (HDPE)12-3/458
Yellow R-7140 plastic bollard cover
R-7140Post Cover556.75Plastic (HDPE)4-1/253
Yellow R-7130 plastic bollard cover with red reflective strips
R-7130Post Cover601411-3/8Plastic (HDPE)10-3/458
Yellow R-7120 plastic bollard cover with red reflective strip
R-7120Post Cover72109-3/8Plastic (HDPE)8-5/870
Yellow R-7111 plastic bollard cover
R-7111Post Cover7287-3/8Plastic (HDPE)6-5/870
Yellow R-7110 plastic bollard cover
R-7110Post Cover6077-3/8Plastic (HDPE)6-5/858
Yellow R-7109 plastic bollard cover
R-7109Post Cover5267-3/8Plastic (HDPE)6-5/850
Yellow R-7101 plastic bollard cover with red reflective strips
R-7101Post Cover6455Plastic (HDPE)4-1/262
R-8400 Fixed Steel Bollard
8401-43AA decorative bollard
8401-43AABollard / Cover40-15/1612811Iron
8401-43AB decorative bollard
8401-43ABBollard / Cover40-15/16918Iron
8401-43AC decorative bollard
8401-43ACBollard / Cover40-15/169510-1/2Iron
8401-43BA decorative bollard
8401-43BABollard / Cover38-1/1611911Iron
8401-43BB Buy America bollard
8401-43BBBollard / Cover3897.58Iron
8401-43BC Buy America bollard
8401-43BCBollard / Cover38-1/168610-1/2Iron
8401-43DA Buy America bollard
8401-43DABollard / Cover3612211Iron
8401-43DB Buy America bollard
8401-43DBBollard / Cover361018Iron
8401-43DC Buy America bollard
8401-43DCBollard / Cover36899-7/8Iron
8402-43AA decorative bollard
8402-43AABollard / Cover40-15/1612011Iron
8402-43AB decorative bollard
8402-43ABBollard / Cover40-15/1699.38Iron4-1/2
8402-43AC decorative bollard
8402-43ACBollard / Cover40-15/168810-1/2Iron
8402-43BA Buy America bollard
8402-43BABollard / Cover38-1/1611111Iron
8402-43BB Buy America bollard
8402-43BBBollard / Cover38918Iron
8402-43BC Buy America bollard
8402-43BCBollard / Cover38-1/168010-1/2Iron
8402-43DA Buy America bollard
8402-43DABollard / Cover36-1/811411Iron
8402-43DB Buy America bollard
8402-43DBBollard / Cover36948Iron
8402-43DC Buy America bollard
8402-43DCBollard / Cover36-1/8839-7/8Iron
8403-43AA Buy America bollard
8403-43AABollard / Cover40-15/1612711Iron
8403-43AC Buy America bollard
8403-43ACBollard / Cover40-15/16959-7/8Iron
8403-43BA Buy America bollard
8403-43BABollard / Cover3811811Iron
8403-43BC Buy America bollard
8403-43BCBollard / Cover38869-7/8Iron
8403-43DA Buy America bollard
8403-43DABollard / Cover3612111Iron
8403-43DC Buy America bollard
8403-43DCBollard / Cover36909-7/8Iron
R-8802 Bollard
R-8802Bollard / Cover45-1/224618Cast Iron
R-8844-RA corner guard
R-8844 Corner Bollard Extension65
R-8845-RA-corner guard
R-8845 Corner Bollard77
removable bollard mounting receiver
Receiver Assembly w/Hinged Lid, R-790112255Galvanized Steel (Body) Stainless Steel (Cover)4-1/2
removable bollard mounting
Receiver R-7911-R with Lid12367-1/86-1/2
powder coated bollard arms accessory
Bike/Lifting Arm - Powder Coated
stainless steel bike parking arms for bollards
Bike/Lifting Arm - Stainless Steel
5/16-inch chain bollard accessory
Chain - 1 Ft
chain eye bollard accessory
Chain Eye
galvanized steel collapsible bollard mounting
R-7950 Fold Down Mount - Galvanized
concrete steel pipe bollard cap
R-1008-04 Pipe Cap ConcreteConcrete Bollard Cap1-1/414-1/2Concrete
concrete bollard cap for steel pipe
R-1008-06 Pipe Cap ConcreteConcrete Bollard Cap2-1/246-5/8Concrete
R-7500 economy removable bollard mounting
Removable Mount 7500
removable bollard mounting cover
Removable Receiver Cover 89021-1/41.5Stainless Steel4-1/2
brass padlock
Padlock - Solid Brass
premium removable bollard mounting
Removable Retractable Mount18Steel
chain quick links bollard accessory
Chain Quick Link
R-7960 shallow mount removable receiver
R-7960 Bollard Removable Surface Mount
removable stainless steel bollard mounting receiver
R-8901 Bollard Receiver - Stainless Steel12245Stainless Steel4-1/2
removable bollard mounting with chain
Bollard Receiver with Chain - Steel12185Galvanized Steel (Body) Stainless Steel (Chain)4-1/2
removable stainless steel bollard mounting with chain
Bollard Receiver 8900 with Chain - Stainless Steel12245Stainless Steel4-1/2
flexible bollard removable mounting
Removable Mounting Receiver (100mm HD)
flexible bollard removable mounting
Removable Mounting Receiver (100mm Heavy Duty EX -
removable mounting for flexible bollard
Removable Mounting Receiver (100mm Light Duty - Fl
removable mounting for flexible bollards
Removable Mounting Receiver (100mm Light Duty EX -
removable receiver for flexible bollard
Removable Mounting Receiver (80mm Light Duty - Fle
R-832X receiver for removable R-8323 flexible bollard
Receiver R-8320-R Polyurethane Black