Bike Parking Documents

Brochures, PDF and CAD drawings, specifications and processing forms

Download support material for all Reliance Foundry bike-parking products.

  • Learn more about our innovative products and see examples of installations in our bike parking brochure.
  • Read product specifications in our detailed PDF or use CAD drawings in architectural mock-ups. Upon request, Reliance Foundry can also create intelligent BIM models to be incorporated functional modelling.
  • Prepare seamless orders with our Credit Card Authorization or Credit Application forms.

Whether you’re processing your order, planning an installation or preparing to advertise your architectural project, Reliance Foundry makes it easy to find the information you need. Don’t see something you need? Please contact our sales department.

ModelProduct DrawingAutocad DrawingDoc Csi
R-7530-B decorative bike bollard
R-7535-B Decorative Bike Bollard
R-7539-B decorative bike bollard
R-7551-B decorative bike bollard with bike-locking arms
R-7553-B decorative bike bollard with bike-locking arms
R-7571-B decorative bike bollard
R-7576-B decorative bike bollard with bike-locking arms
R-7591-B decorative bike bollard with bike-locking arms
R-7744-B Decorative Bike Bollard
R-7835-B Decorative Bike Bollard
R-7903 bike bollard with bike-locking arms
R-7903-RSA bike bollard with bike arms
R-7904 bike bollard
R-7904-RSA bike bollard
R-7905 post and ring bike bollard
R-7906 post and ring bike bollard
R-7972 Bike Bollard
R-8212 Inverted U-Rack
R-8212-SS Stainless Steel Inverted U-Rack
R-8224 Ring Bike Rack
R-8224-SS Stainless Steel Ring Bike Rack
R-8234 Square Tube Ring Bike Rack
R-8234-SS Stainless Steel Bike Rack
R-8238 Inverted U-Rack
R-8238-SS Bike Rack
R-8239 Wave Bike Rack
R-8239-SS Stainless Steel Wave Bike Rack
R-8240 XL Wave Bike Rack
R-8240-SS Stainless Steel XL Wave Bike Rack
R-8903 Stainless Steel Bike Bollard
R-8904 stainless steel bike bollard with bike-locking arms
R-9811-B Solar Light Bike Bollard
R-9811-FL-B Solar Light Bike Bollard
Bike Lockers
R-7913 Bike Bollard
R-7913-RSA Bike Bollard
R-7914 Bike Bollard
R-7914-RSA Bike Bollard
R-8226 Steel Bike Rack
R-8226-SS Stainless Steel Bike Rack
R-8246 Steel Bike Rack
R-8246-SS Stainless Steel Bike Rack