Protect pedestrians, cyclists, drivers, and property with embedded bollards

Embedded bollards provide asset security and are available in multiple styles and materials. Select from various mounting options for new and existing concrete surfaces both indoors and outdoors. Read more

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R-1009-04-SM M30 Shallow Mount Crash-Rated Bollard

USD $2,869.00

R-1009-04-SM M30 Shallow Mount

$2869 or less

Fixed Crash-Rated Bollard
Material: Steel
Height: 39-1/2"
Crash Rating: M30 | ASTM Certified

High Quality Materials

Embedded bollards are made from durable steel or stainless steel and designed for various aesthetic and asset protection applications.

Accident Deterrence

Fixed bollards are ideal for directing traffic and deterring vehicle collisions, providing both a visual guide for drivers and a physical barrier to discourage impact crashes from pedestrians and structures. If used to define pedestrian walkways, the space between the bollards allows pedestrian traffic to still flow freely while preventing vehicles from intruding.

Architectural Design

Fixed bollards can enhance the aesthetic of any local landscape or architectural space, which still providing asset or pedestrian protection. Several fixed bollard models available feature unique ornamentation to complement modern styles, while basic steel pipe bollards can be customized with various decorative bollard sleeve options – plastic sleevesmetal post covers, or premium stainless steel bollard covers. View All Architectural Bollards

Bicycle Parking Options

Selected fixed bollards, in addition to providing pedestrian security and guiding traffic, also offer secure bike parking bollard options. The bollards are designed to allow cyclists to lock their bicycles to the posts, minimizing obstruction and damage resulting from bikes locked to railings, trees, and other infrastructure. In addition to the R-7972 bike bollard above, certain series-79xx and series-89xx fixed bollard models have locking arm options available that can also be helpful for use as handles to help installation and removal bike if optional removable bollards installation receivers are purchased and installed. View All Bike Parking Bollards