Asset protection with flanged, surface-mounted bollards

Bolt down bollards are easy to install both indoors and out. Use drop-in anchors to mount to existing concrete surfaces. Select from a range of bollard options, including decorative, fold-down, bike-parking, and flexible models. Read more

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Bolt Down Bollards

Surface mount bollards come in many different shapes and sizes, each with their own advantages. These bollard poles are offered as bolt down bollards, stainless steel flanged bollards, bicycle parking bollards for existing concrete, and much more. Certain surface mounted models can also be ordered with removable mounting options, allowing for easy access when needed for vehicles.

Many bolt-down bollards have an ornate or decorative design; the wide selection of models can complement a wide range of architectural styles, from classical and historic, to modern and minimalist. Certain surface installed bolt down bollards are equipped with solar lighting fixtures, which means they produce their light with no requirement for additional trenching, hardwiring, or conduits. View Solar Bollards

Indoor And Outdoor Protection

Indoor retail spaces

When used indoors, bolt down, asset protection bollards can reduce surface wear on refrigeration appliances and displays in busy retail environments where shopping cart collisions can be frequent and unavoidable. Dedicated internal mountings are especially suitable for indoor, retail applications.

Warehouse spaces

When used in warehouses, bolt down bollards prevent damage to valuable merchandise and industrial racks where pallet jacks and forklifts can threaten racking, fragile materials, packaging, and finished product surfaces. Bollards can also protect door mechanisms in loading bays and other high-traffic entryways.

Parking lots and other traffic areas

Bolt-down bollard posts can be highly visible to drivers, making them ideal for parking lots and other traffic-sensitive areas to direct and deter traffic as needed.

Durable Materials And Finishes

Flange-mounted bollards are available in a range of materials and finishes, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Stainless steel flanged bollards provide ultimate corrosion resistance, while powder coated steel and iron bolt down bollards offer protection from the weather, making them practical for many locations. View Color Options

Easy Installation

Flanged, surface mounted bollards all feature a mounting flange at their base, which is used to install bolt down bollards into existing concrete. Using concrete anchors to fix them in place, these bollards can define architectural perimeters, direct traffic, or protect assets when installed on existing concrete surfaces. View Installation