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A blue bicycle covered in snow is parked at an outdoor bike rack

Winter Cycling in Montreal

Even committed cyclists are sometimes wary about getting on their bicycles in wintertime. Icy roads, piled snow, and biting winds can chill a rider’s enthusiasm

Cyclists ride down a long slope through a scenic vista in Oregon.

Cycling in Oregon

The popularity of cycling in Oregon has skyrocketed over the past decade. A growing number of bicycle tourists are flocking to the state to take

Blue bike parking sign stands in foreground, cars parked in background

Bike Lockers vs Bike Racks

As the cycling industry grows, the range of cycling accessories and complementary infrastructure grows too. Modern cyclists demand more than just transport from point A

A black U-lock is filled by wheel, bike frame, and commercial bike rack

How to Lock a Bicycle

Bike theft is a deterrent against riding for some potential cyclists—especially those who’ve lost bicycles in the past—but attention to bike locking can help secure

A luggage rack is left chained to a fence after a thief collected the bike

Bicycle Theft: Fighting Back

Cities across North America are promoting ecology and health through sustainable transportation. Integrated bike lanes and transit networks promote cycling as an inexpensive, fun, and active way to get around. Such infrastructure can help with congestion, bring more people to street level retail, and enliven a local community. The League of American Bicyclists shows a 51% growth in bicycle commuting from 2000 to 2016. All the investment in infrastructure is making a difference.