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Bollard Crash Ratings

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Reliance Foundry’s crash-rated bollards have been engineered and certified to ASTM ratings. See the table below for a list of ASTM speed ratings, their K-rating equivalents (where applicable), and Reliance Foundry’s products.

Vehicle Size

ASTM Speed Rating

K-Rating Equivalent

Reliance Product

Medium-Duty Truck
15,000 lbs

M30 (30 mph)

K4 at ≤ 3.3 ft penetration

R-1009-04 M30

R-1009-04-R M30

M40 (40 mph)

K8 at ≤ 3.3 ft penetration

M50 (50 mph)

K12 at ≤ 3.3 ft penetration

R-1009-12 M50

R-1009-12-R M50

Small Passenger Car
2,430 lbs

C40 (40 mph)

R-1009-40 C40

R-1009-40-R C40

C50 (50 mph)

C60 (60 mph)

Less common ratings that are within the ASTM standard are:

Pickup Trucks (5,070 lbs)

  • PU40 (40 mph)
  • PU50 (50 mph)
  • PU60 (60 mph)

Heavy Goods Vehicles (65,000 lbs)

  • H30 (30 mph)
  • H40 (40 mph)
  • H50 (50 mph)

For more information on crash-rated or K-rated bollards, check out our blog:

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