R-4985-30 Detectable Warning Plates

USD $193.00

Reliance Foundry’s R-4985-30 detectable warning plates help establish inclusive public spaces by making high-traffic locations safer and more accessible for the visually impaired. Built compliant to both CSA B651-12 and ASTM 1028 tactile paving standards, these ASTM A48 Class 35B cast-iron plates prevent slipping with use of grid textures and truncated domes while effectively signaling variations in level or a transition from sidewalk to street.

The R-4985-18 measures 24" deep by 30.31" wide and is easily installed by setting in concrete. These plates are engineered to withstand being run over by heavy vehicles and are fully recyclable at the end of their life cycle. This item comes uncoated by default and over time will form a natural patina due to moisture and oxidization — establishing a visual contrast with its environment.

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