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Tree grates, trench drains, and detectable warning plates for sale

Select from various hardscape supplies designed to work in urban or industrial environments. High-quality cast iron materials withstand rigorous conditions with no maintenance for products that stand strong in any climate. Reliance Foundry hardscape products are designed and manufactured in the USA, in compliance with the Buy American Act. Read more

Tree grates

Tree grates protect trees and surrounding soil from pedestrian foot traffic, bicycles, and the rest of bustling urban life. Their attractive, sophisticated features add aesthetic flair to city streets while ensuring that moisture, light, and air are delivered to trees so they continue to thrive. ADA-approved tree grates conform to specific size and shape standards while the slots are designed to create appealing patterns to add style to any location. Tree grates also act as a safe extension of the sidewalk, reducing tripping hazards for pedestrians and other urban traffic. View All Tree Grates

Trench drains

Trench drain systems prevent flooding of open spaces that are subject to excess surface or rainwater. These can include driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, roads, loading areas, and more. Trench grates collect excess water, ensuring the surface remains safe and dry for pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Heavy-duty trench grates withstand extensive loads and are ideal for industrial environments such as loading docks and warehouses. Reliance Foundry’s decorative trench drains have the same durability and load capacity as heavy-duty grates, but come in appealing designs for a mix of functionality and style. They are a perfect complement to the aesthetics of modern, urban infrastructure. View All Trench Drains

Detectable warning plates

Create an inclusive community: make city streets accessible for all pedestrians by using detectable warning plates. Tactile surface indicators signal potential hazards, and mark the transition from sidewalk to street for pedestrians with visual impairment. Reliance Foundry’s detectable warning plates comply with current ADA and ABA guidelines, and are made to last. Formed from durable cast iron, detectable warning plates virtually eliminate maintenance issues and can withstand heavy pedestrian, vehicle, and snowplow traffic without cracking, chipping, or breaking. Whether in their natural rusted patina state, or painted yellow, Reliance Foundry detectable warning plates provide ample visual contrast. View All Detectable Warning Plates

High-quality materials

All Reliance Foundry’s hardscape products are made from durable cast iron. Cast iron has excellent resistance to wear and will stand strong in any climate. It is low maintenance and ideal for use in any environment, from industrial to residential to parks. Due to the casting process, cast iron has a high coefficient of friction that provides a safe, non-slip surface. This is especially important for hardscape as it is often exposed to water and snow, and surfaces must remain safe for pedestrians and vehicular traffic.

Painted finish

Cast iron trench grates and tree grates are finished with resilient black paint. Black adds a stylish, contemporary look to hardscape supplies placed in urban environments. Reliance Foundry’s high-performance paint finish provides a thick, uniform coating that has superior corrosion resistance. It is specifically designed not to crack, chip, or peel, and offers a hard, protective layer against harsh outdoor elements.