Trench Drains

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Showing all 6 results

Drainage solutions for urban and industrial environments

Reliance Foundry trench drains offer effective drainage solutions for a variety of spaces, ranging from pedestrian areas to industrial loading docks. They prevent the flooding of driveways, roads, warehouses, parking lots, and laneways—virtually any open space that can collect large amounts of water. Trench drains are designed to rapidly remove excess surface water, ensuring that the area remains safe for pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Made from durable cast iron and painted black, trench drains and frames are designed for a long service life with little to no maintenance required. All Reliance Foundry trench drains can safely handle heavy loads and various models exist to fit a range of design considerations.

Reliance Foundry hardscape products are designed and manufactured in the USA, in compliance with the Buy American Act.

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Trench grate with grate slots

Heavy-duty trench drains

Reliance Foundry’s heavy-duty trench series are built to last in any environment and have high load capacities. The frame includes a debris chute and rebar stop for added durability. Heavy-duty trench drains in simple, clean designs are ideal for industrial environments. These models feature narrow drain slots that run perpendicular to the trench. Supplied unbolted, and easy to install.

Cast iron trench grate

Drainage solutions for urban settings

Decorative trench drains are versatile trench drains that are built for heavy-duty applications, but are designed with aesthetics in mind for urban environments. Their unique design patterns enrich the look of city streetscapes and add flair to city sidewalks while keeping them safe and dry. Decorative trenches provide modern drainage solutions that complement urban infrastructure with the promise of durability that comes from high-quality cast iron.