Low-carbon steel bollard posts offer exceptional strength and value

Steel bollards are made from high-quality, low-carbon steel—offering exceptional strength and durability for long-term use. All products ship standard with powder coating or primer coat. Read more

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R-7913 Bike Bollard

USD $784.00


$784 or less

Bike Bollard
Material: Steel
Height: 36"

Steel Bollards

Steel is the most widely used structural material in the world, making it suitable for a range of applications.

Steel pipe bollards: Steel pipe bollards are made from ASTM 500B structural steel—designed to withstand significant impacts. Embed security posts into concrete surfaces for effective perimeter security. Read more about steel pipe bollards.

Bolt Down Bollards: Bolt-down bollards are easy to install and relocate in existing concrete surfaces. Read more about bolt-down bollards.

R-79xx Bollards: Embed R-89xx bollards in new concrete or insert into embedded receivers for removable applications. Collapsible mountings are also available for fold-down installations. Read more about R-79xx bollards.

Decorative Bollards: Install decorative bollards on their own or over existing steel pipe bollards to protect against wear and corrosion—and to enhance overall site aesthetics. Read more about decorative bollards.

Light Bollards: Light bollards feature solar technology with proprietary energy management systems—to ensure lasting output. Read more about light bollards.

Bike Bollards: Bike bollards offer unique storage opportunities for cyclists, while also regulating vehicle and pedestrian access. Read more about bike bollards.

Powder Coating

Steel bollards are powder coated in 1 of 6 colours to suit surrounding site designs—and to increase visibility for drivers. Powder coatings protect bollards from wear and rust, ensuring long-term performance with minimal required maintenance.