How to Install Decorative, Removable Bollards

For site enhancement and variable access

Black bollards with flat tops and fluted sides guard a round museum building
Removable mountings allow variable access to restricted areas.

Most decorative bollards can be installed with removable mountings to ensure the best in ornamentation and functionality—making them ideal for areas with mixed vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Once installed, bollards are secured with a single padlock, and can be removed at any time for temporary access or according to the needs of a building or outdoor space.

Functional ornamentation

Decorative bollards are sold standard as fixed site furnishings—used to direct traffic and demarcate off-limit areas. They make ideal additions to areas with a high amount of mixed pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

Decorative bollards are designed to enhance the aesthetics of a building or landscape. As a perimeter site furnishing, they create effective barriers around entryways and approaching pathways, which means they can significantly influence the first impressions of approaching visitors. Decorative bollards are available in a range of sizes and casting styles, making them suitable for any high-end building or landscape application—from historic sites to modern commercial shopping centers.

Where standard fixed bollards limit and section-off designated spaces, removable bollards have the added capacity to grant temporary access—convenient where maintenance, delivery or emergency vehicles, as well as any other service vehicles, may need temporary access.

A diagram shows three ways to mount a removable decorative bollard: either on a new pour of concrete or bolted to existing concrete.
The mountings for removable decorative bollards can be surface mounted or embedded.

Premium removable mountings

Premium removable mountings are embedded into a concrete substrate. Once a bollard is removed, the protruding mounting cylinder retracts fully below ground to ensure minimal tripping hazard or visual disruption. Premium removable mountings are made from galvanized steel to ensure long-term functionality and high protection against oxidation.

To fasten a decorative bollard to a premium removable mount:

  • Lift the outer housing of the retractable mount
  • Turn it clockwise so it rests in an upright position
  • Place the decorative bollard on top of the retractable mount
  • Align and insert a fastening pin through the bollard base and through the outer housing window
  • Twist the bollard in a clockwise motion to secure into position
  • Fasten with a heavy-duty padlock to prevent tampering and theft
  • Secure the bollard cap to the bollard base with three set screws

To remove the bollard:

  • Unlock and remove the securing pin
  • Turn the raised cylinder counter-clockwise
  • Retract it gently into its embedded housing
  • Ensure it is sitting flush with the concrete surface

Economy removable mountings

A teal cage on a black base is a bolt down mount, while a brass telescoping mount embeds into the ground
Decorative bollards can be installed with one of two removable mounting options.

Economy removable mountings can be installed in new concrete using the anchor castings installation method, and for existing concrete, the concrete inserts installation method can be used. When the bollard is removed, the protruding mounting bracket must also be unbolted and removed. Economy mountings are made from galvanized steel, making them highly resistant to corrosion.

To fasten a decorative bollard to an economy removable mounting:

  • Bolt the mounting bracket to an embedded anchor casting or concrete insert
  • Tighten securely with a wrench
  • Place the bollard over the mounting bracket, making sure to align all pinholes
  • Insert a fastening pin and secure with heavy-duty padlock to prevent tampering and theft
  • Secure the bollard cap to the bollard base with three set screws

To remove the bollard:

  • Unlock and remove the securing pin
  • Lift the bollard away from its mounting
  • Loosen the mounting bracket’s bolt with a wrench
  • Unfasten and remove the mounting bracket to prevent any tripping hazard or visual obstruction

Available online

Both premium and economy mounting systems are affordable, easy-to-install and readily available online. Visit the bollard accessories page for more information.