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Lighting the Way

A selection of Reliance Foundry's newest lighted bollards on an orange background

Introducing Our Lighted Bollards

A selection of Reliance Foundry's newest lighted bollards on an orange background
Explore the versatility of Reliance Foundry’s lighted bollards, designed to enhance safety and aesthetics across multiple settings.

At Reliance Foundry, we understand that safety and design are paramount in creating functional, aesthetically pleasing outdoor environments. That’s why we’re excited to showcase our range of LED bollards that not only illuminate pathways and landscapes but also enhance them through innovative design and technology. Our lighted bollards span several collections, each with unique features tailored to specific needs and aesthetics.

Technical drawing of the R-6111 Lumi Lighted Bollard from the Praxis Collection showing design specifications
The Praxis Collection is showcased through a technical drawing, highlighting the R-6111 Lumi Lighted Bollard’s detailed design and functionality.

Praxis Collection

The Praxis Collection embodies the concept of purpose-driven design, with each bollard crafted to fulfill a specific utility while complementing its environment. The R-6111 Lumi Lighted Bollard is a perfect example of this philosophy. Its fully illuminated body not only ensures safety by enhancing visibility for pedestrians and vehicles but also serves as an architectural statement piece.

The bollard’s fluted design and white reflective tape are not just practical for visibility; they also add a decorative element that elevates the aesthetic appeal of any setting. This makes the R-6111 an ideal choice for areas that require functional yet stylish lighting solutions, such as walkways next to modern architecture or in luxury commercial spaces.

Contemporary R-6321 Elysium Lighted Bollard against a textured wall
The R-6321 Elysium Lighted Bollard from the Skyline Collection reflects the sleek design of modern architecture.

Skyline Collection

Inspired by modern architectural aesthetics, the Skyline Collection aims to merge the sleekness of contemporary cityscapes with the functional demands of urban lighting. The R-6321 Elysium Lighted Bollard reflects this fusion perfectly. Its minimalist design, characterized by smooth stainless steel and a glossy finish, enhances the collection’s goal to offer elegance and luxury in lighting solutions.

This bollard not only provides ample lighting to ensure safety after dark but also acts as a stylish furnishing that enhances the surrounding architecture. Suitable for high-end commercial districts and modern public spaces, the Elysium is designed to impress while providing essential nighttime visibility.

A R-6304 Constellation lighted bollard illuminating a pathway, enhancing the urban landscape
Illuminating urban spaces, the Metro Collection’s R-6304 Constellation lighted bollards feature unique, laser-cut patterns that mimic the night sky.

Metro Collection

The Metro Collection draws inspiration from the dynamic and vibrant life of urban centers. It features bollards such as the R-6304 Constellation, which not only light up the night but also celebrate design through detailed laser-cut patterns. These patterns are reminiscent of the night sky and add a layer of intrigue and sophistication to the bollard’s practical lighting function.

This design approach allows the bollards to integrate seamlessly with other urban site furnishings, such as benches and waste bins, creating a unified and attractive urban landscape. The possibility of customizing the laser-cut designs to include logos or specific patterns makes the Metro Collection particularly well-suited for businesses looking to brand their space or municipalities aiming to enhance local identity.

R-6501 Crescent Ward lighted bollard with classical design details, set against a greenery lined pathway
Drawing inspiration from classic architecture, the Heritage Collection’s R-6501 Crescent Ward lighted bollard combines historical elegance with modern lighting technology.

Heritage Collection

The Heritage Collection is dedicated to integrating historical charm with contemporary lighting technology. Bollards like the R-6501 Crescent Ward are designed with ornamental details that recall a more traditional aesthetic, making them perfect for historical settings or any area where classical beauty is valued.

The design of the Crescent Ward, with its elegant column silhouette and vertical fluting, draws from classical architecture, offering a visual connection to the past while providing modern LED lighting. The ability to switch between different LED colors allows these bollards to adapt to various themes or events, making them versatile as well as visually appealing.

Minimalist R-9831 Lighted Bollard by Reliance Foundry showcasing asymmetrical lighting, installed next to a greenspace.
With a minimalist design, the Lighthouse Collection’s R-9831 Lighted Bollard provides essential illumination while preserving the tranquility of suburban settings.

Lighthouse Collection

The Lighthouse Collection focuses on simplicity and functionality suited for suburban environments. The R-9831 Lighted Bollard is designed with a minimalist aesthetic that complements its setting without dominating it.

This collection values the unobtrusive enhancement of safety and visibility in areas like parks, trails, and residential pathways. The asymmetrical lighting pattern of the R-9831 is specifically engineered to provide effective pathfinding illumination, guiding the way without contributing to light pollution, thereby preserving the natural nighttime environment.

Detailed diagram of the solar-powered R-9815-FL Solstice bollard from the EcoBright Collection.
Sustainability meets style in the EcoBright Collection’s R-9815-FL Solstice bollard, where solar power is harnessed to light up the future of eco-conscious outdoor spaces.

EcoBright Collection

The EcoBright Collection emphasizes sustainability and environmental consciousness through the use of solar-powered technology. The R-9815-FL Solstice bollard is a testament to eco-friendly design that does not compromise on style or functionality. It features a solar panel to harness energy efficiently, powering the LED lighting and significantly reducing the carbon footprint associated with traditional lighting solutions.

Additionally, this bollard is Dark Sky compliant, promoting a reduction in light pollution to preserve our night sky. The intelligent motion sensor further enhances energy efficiency by automatically turning on the light when no motion is detected, making it ideal for eco-conscious campuses, parks, and residential areas. With its contemporary design and robust materials, the Solstice bollard stands as a practical and stylish choice for any outdoor setting.

A technician wearing safety gear is working on an electrical component, indicative of the detailed assembly process for lighted bollards
An electrical engineer carefully assembles an electrical component for a lighted bollard.

Each of these collections from Reliance Foundry showcases a commitment to blending functionality with design, tailored to specific aesthetic and practical requirements of varied environments. Through thoughtful innovation, each bollard ensures that lighting solutions not only meet safety standards but also enhance the visual and architectural quality of their surroundings.