Premium Removable Mount (Decorative Bollards)

USD $266.00

Many of Reliance Foundry's decorative bollards can be installed with removable mountings. Premium Removable Mounts feature a retractable mounting column that sits flush in ground when bollards are removed. Premium receivers are made from galvanized steel to prevent oxidation with long-term use.
To attach and secure bollards, lift the retractable mounting column and lock into place with a clockwise turn. Place decorative bollard over the mounting column, ensuring pinholes are aligned with the receiver's notched openings. Insert pin and turn bollard clockwise to secure pin into the receiver's notched openings. Fasten pin with a heavy-duty padlock to prevent tampering or theft.

Qty USD$
1 266
2 218
3 202
4 192
5 - 9 185
10 - 24 175
25 - 49 169
50 - 99 168
100 + Call for pricing