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Enhancing Line Control

Reliance Foundry R-7902 removable bollards connected using fencing as line control.

The Versatility of Bollards in Entertainment Venues

Reliance Foundry R-7902 removable bollards connected using fencing as line control.
Bollards can be connected using removable fencing to create effective line control at entertainment venues.

Line control is a critical aspect of ensuring a smooth and organized flow of visitors at entertainment venues, stadiums, and other popular establishments. In recent years, there has been a growing trend of using bollards as effective tools for managing entry lines. This article explores the various ways bollards can be employed to control the flow of patrons, discussing their advantages over traditional line control systems, and considering the associated factors such as aesthetics, costs, and installation methods.

Reliance Foundry R-7902 bollards being used as line control at a business
Removable bollards are a versatile solution to outline a path for patrons.

Why Bollards for Line Control?

While movable stanchions are the most common solution for line control, incorporating removable bollards into line control systems offers several advantages that can enhance the overall appeal of concert venues, museums, amusement parks, and the like.

  • Design Variety: Bollards are available in a wide range of designs, materials, and finishes, allowing for customization to match the setting and requirements of the venue.
  • Branding Opportunities: Many bollards can be personalized with logos or colors, providing an opportunity for businesses to showcase their brand identity.
  • Architectural Integration: In addition to being a highly effective line control solution, bollards have the advantage of being seamlessly integrated into existing infrastructure, complementing the overall architectural design of the venue.
  • Durability: Bollards are more robust and made of higher quality materials to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. Many metal bollards such as steel or ductile iron come powder-coated, furthering their durability, or they can be made of stainless steel, which doesn’t require a coating to resist rust.
An installed mount for a Reliance Foundry R-7902 removable bollard
Utilizing removable bollards for line control requires the permanent installation of mounts.

Considerations and Downsides

While bollards offer numerous advantages, there are certain considerations to keep in mind:

  • Installation Costs: Installing bollards may require new concrete depending on the mounting method, increasing initial costs compared to temporary line control systems. Even if you are using fixed bollards that are surface-mounted, they will generally require professional installation.
  • Maintenance Requirements: While removable bollards can be stored away, as part of their appeal is providing aesthetic enhancement to infrastructure, they are generally exposed to outdoor environments for much longer periods of time. As such, they may require more regular maintenance to ensure their functionality and appearance remain optimal, which can add to the ongoing cost of line control management.
  • Limitations in Temporary Setup: While removable bollards offer the advantage of easy removal to create new paths, it’s important to consider that bollard placement is constrained by the locations where mounting options have been installed.
Reliance Foundry R-7901 removable bollards installed at an outdoor shopping complex
Bollards can be quickly connected using chain eyes and chain to create pathways.

Removable Fencing or Chain Eyes and Rope

When it comes to establishing perimeters using bollards, there are several approaches to consider for creating solid barriers.

Bollards with Chain Eyes

One approach involves utilizing bollards with chain eyes, which allows for seamless connectivity between them using ropes or chains. By opting for bollards with chain eyes, you can easily establish a clear and defined pathway for patrons. The process involves simply running the rope or chain of your choice between the bollards, effectively guiding visitors along the designated route. This method offers simplicity and flexibility in configuring the line control system to accommodate changing crowd sizes and specific event requirements. Brightly colored chains or ropes can also enhance visibility, enabling visitors to clearly identify and adhere to designated lines.

One major drawback of using chains or ropes is that they do not create an impenetrable barrier. Patrons can easily duck beneath them and cut in line, disregarding the established path.

Fencing between Bollards

Another effective approach is to use removable fencing systems to connect the bollards and close any gaps. This method ensures a comprehensive enclosure, guiding patrons along designated pathways while preventing unauthorized access or line breaches. By integrating removable fencing between the bollards, you establish a secure and organized queueing system that enhances crowd control and minimizes congestion. This approach isn’t quite as versatile as ropes or chains as fences are more tedious to maneuver, but it still allows you to adjust the configuration as needed, accommodating varying line lengths and event-specific requirements when combined with removable bollards

By incorporating either of these approaches, businesses can ensure a well-defined and controlled perimeter for managing entry lines effectively. The choice between bollards with chain eyes or removable fencing depends on factors such as the desired level of flexibility, aesthetics, and specific requirements of the venue or event.

The Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver.
Removable line control installations allow easy exits for pedestrians after hours.

Effective line control is crucial for providing a positive experience to visitors in of busy venues, such as sports stadiums, concert halls, museums, and more. Bollards present a versatile and visually appealing solution, offering flexible line configurations, removable fencing options, and aesthetic advantages. However, it is essential to consider factors such as installation costs, maintenance requirements, and the suitability of permanent or temporary solutions. By leveraging the benefits of bollards, businesses can enhance crowd management, optimize visitor flow, and create an organized and enjoyable environment for patrons.