Reliance Foundry R-7902 removable bollards connected using fencing as line control.

Enhancing Line Control

Line control is a critical aspect of ensuring a smooth and organized flow of visitors at entertainment venues, stadiums, and other popular establishments. There is a growing trend of utilizing bollards as effective tools for managing entry lines, both indoors and out.

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Crosswalk Safety

An essential component of creating walkable, livable cities is guaranteeing the safety of pedestrians, so they can move around their surroundings safely and with confidence. One safety measure that can make a significant difference in intersection safety is the crosswalk bollard.

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Reliance Foundry retractable bollards protecting a car lot.

Car Dealership Security

In recent years, Canada has experienced a disturbing surge in auto crime, particularly in places like Ontario and Quebec. Considering this upward trend, it is crucial that auto dealerships take proactive steps to protect their inventory from theft. This includes implementing advanced security measures such as surveillance cameras, security guards, and alarm systems, as well as physical barriers such as bollards.

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Two automatic bollards in a pedestrian zone with people in the background

A Guide to Automatic Bollards

The use of automatic bollards as a dynamic means of controlling vehicle access to restricted areas has increased in popularity as the technology that drives them becomes more sophisticated and reliable. Automatic bollards provide a more versatile option for creating site barriers, particularly in dynamic environments.

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Fixing Bollard Coatings

As the majority of our products are installed outdoors, and/or in high-traffic areas, dings and scrapes are inevitable. Traditional finishes such as paint or powder coating are made with resins, meaning they are porous and easily scratched. 

IronArmor is a breakthrough innovation that changes the way outdoor metal products can be finished and protected, keeping installations looking new for longer. 

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