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Stainless Steel Bollards and Covers

Stainless steel bollards sit on the curb above a leaf-strewn parking lot in front of a storefront

A modern look for any environment

Stainless steel bollards sit on the curb above a leaf-strewn parking lot in front of a storefront
These dome-top stainless steel bollard covers have reflective tape to increase visibility at night.

Bollards play an important role in the urban landscape, protecting storefronts, pedestrians, and cyclists, while enhancing playgrounds, plazas, and recreational areas. Some bollards such as steel pipe and crash-rated are security-focused, and though they perform specific functions, they can lack in both aesthetic appeal and protection against the elements. Stainless steel bollard covers can elevate security bollards’ appearance and resistance to corrosion.

For bollards that are intended more as visual deterrents, standalone stainless steel bollards are a common choice. While painting or powder coating steel bollards can allow for some customization and provide a degree of protection against corrosion, the modern, sleek style as well as rust-resistance of stainless steel bollards make them an ideal choice for any contemporary landscape.

What are stainless steel bollards used for?

Stainless steel bollards can be used for a variety of purposes beyond enhancing the look of a space. They are commonly used for:

  • Traffic control, where they can be used as markers for walkways, bicycle lanes, and parking spaces
  • Industrial spaces, particularly in high traffic areas such as warehouses, corridors, and loading docks
  • Pedestrian safety, by preventing moving vehicles from entering pedestrian only spaces

What is the advantage of using stainless steel for bollards?

A close-up shot of a Reliance Foundry stainless steel bollard
Stainless steel bollards come in a variety of styles and sizes to enhance outdoor spaces.

Stainless steel bollards are versatile option for creating long-lasting barriers as they have superior resistance to wear and tear and provide excellent protection against rust and corrosion. They allow for a wide range of installation options such as removable or retractable installations, which can be useful in areas where temporary barriers are needed. They can even be fitted with arms to allow them to be used as bike parking while maintaining a protective perimeter.

Stainless steel bollards are also easily matched to the space they are installed. Stainless steel can be machined into simple, sleek shapes. The resulting uncomplicated profile and understated shine of the material complements many current architectural styles. Whether guarding a structure made of gleaming steel and glass, or placed around a modernist building made of concrete, stainless steel bollards can blend into or enhance the surrounding environment. In addition, stainless steel bollards are highly customizable. They can be designed to fit many different height and diameter requirements and can be embellished with decorative elements, such as lights, or engraved.

What are stainless steel bollard covers?

Stainless steel bollard covers in different heights and shapes are striped with light and shadow in a studio shot
Classic domes, flat top, or slanted top stainless steel bollard covers are available in several standard sizes.

Bollard covers are often used in conjunction with steel pipe and concrete or crash-rated bollards. These bollards are used where security takes priority, and while they have can have excellent impact resistance, they are not very aesthetically pleasing. Plastic bollard covers are an inexpensive option to improve their appearance, but to further enhance aesthetics and protect against corrosion, stainless steel bollard covers are the best option.

Stainless steel bollard covers are easy to install and are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors. As concrete and steel security bollards come in different diameters and heights, and many may be needed for a large site, bollard covers allow you to mix and match different attributes to create a cohesive space that suits the environment.

Dome tops, mimicking the shape of concrete caps, have been a popular choice in stainless bollard covers, but in recent years, site designers have bolstered their style choices by including flat top, slanted top, and square bollards.

Why choose stainless steel for bollards and covers?

A stainless steel ramp leading down to a marina on a sunny day
Stainless steel can be used in a variety of locations and holds up in harsh marine environments.

Stainless steel is a durable, aesthetically pleasing material that keeps its luster even after years of exposure to the elements. There are two main grades, 304 and 316 stainless steel. 316 is a high-quality option that, due to its compositional differences, is corrosion resistant even in winter climates where it is subject to de-icing chemicals, or in the sea-salt spray of a marine environment. While 304 doesn’t offer the same level of protection, as it lacks a key component of 316 grade stainless (molybdenum), it can still be an effective option in some cases.

How thick is a stainless steel bollard?

Bollards usually range in diameter from 4″ to 12″, and the thickness of the stainless steel can change depending on the overall diameter. Typically, the bollard wall thickness is between 1/8″ and 3/16″.

Do stainless steel bollards rust?

An image of a rusted steel bollard by the water
Other materials are much more prone to rust and corrode much more severely than stainless steel.

While one of the main advantages of stainless steel is that it is highly resistant to corrosion and rust, it is not entirely immune to these issues. Under certain conditions, stainless steel bollards can develop surface rust or corrosion, but even in these cases, the damage is not nearly as severe as seen in lower-grade materials.

It is essential to only use high-grade stainless steel and perform regular inspections to help identify and resolve any issues before they become severe.

Stainless steel bollards outside of the Vancouver Aquarium
Stainless steel bollards create an effective barrier to protect pedestrians at crosswalks.

Stainless steel bollards and covers are a great choice for anyone looking for a durable and versatile traffic control and safety solution. Their resistance to corrosion combined with their customizable design options make them an ideal choice for any environment.

With security bollards becoming such a common part of site design in urban and natural landscapes, as well as around destination architecture, the aesthetic style of the bollard is important. Bollards and bollard sleeves do not have to be an eyesore. Security posts should not give people the feeling of living in a bunker. With the use of stainless steel, they can be unobtrusive enhancements to security perimeters that guide and protect.