Classic quality and style with safety for today’s world

We craft historic and traditional bollards out of premium ductile iron. These marine, cannon, and pawn style bollards take historical grey iron designs and craft them out of a cast iron less likely to shatter upon impact with modern vehicles. Historic bollards offer classic profiles which offer a formal sense of style. Made from premium ductile iron, these bollards have traditional quality and longevity to modern sites. Ductile captures beautiful decorative details in the mold and offers additional safety to pedestrians in a world of vehicle traffic, as it is less likely to shatter on impact. Use traditional bollards to offer a sense of security without compromising your site’s aesthetic. Read more

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Traditional Bollard Styles

Bollards started on the marina as places to moor boatsAs unobtrusive but handy guides and perimeter markers, they moved inland to protect people and stonework from carriage wheels. They soon became a commonly seen element of urban streetscapes.  

As well as mooring bollards, classic styles can be based on the old practice of burying spent cannons as inland bollards.  

Starting in the Victorian era, British foundries cast many creative and decorative styles of bollards. These traditional styles, updated, still lend distinctive flair to sites. 

Security and Removable Options 

There are many ways to use traditional bollards. They can be slipped over security pipe (unrated but impact protective.) Or they can beautify crash-rated bollards (tested to stop vehicles moving at various speeds.) Even in heavy, substantial cast iron, removable bollard options are available, depending on the type of access control required. With bike locking arms, these historic bollards are a place to securely hitch bicycles, adding another function to classic forms. 

Old-world Quality, New-world Materials 

Cast iron is a heavy, strong material. Innovative ductile cast iron offers all the weight and strength of grey or white cast iron, with additional protection against fracture. As a ferrous alloy, ductile is still vulnerable to rust, but new finishes like polyester powder coat and premium IronArmor protect more thoroughly than old fashioned resin paints or oil treatments ever could. With care, these bollards will offer the quality and craftsmanship offered by manufacturers before the age of planned obsolescence.