Exceptional Strength and Versatile Design with Cast Ductile Iron

Crafted from premium-grade ductile iron, our cast iron bollards offer unparalleled durability and versatility in design. With superior casting capabilities, ductile iron allows for intricate detailing in decorative elements, and its strength and weight make these bollards ideal for both aesthetic and functional applications. With a variety of mounting options, from permanent to removable, these bollards can either stand alone or serve as robust reinforcement over security pipe bollards. Read more

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The Advantages of Ductile Iron

Unlike standard cast iron, which is quite brittle, ductile iron features a specialized molecular structure with a nodular carbon form, allowing for much greater flexibility and resistance to fracturing. With less susceptibility to damage, this scientifically-backed design makes our ductile iron bollards a preferred choice for durable and safe furnishings.

Rust-Resistant and Stylish: Unveil the Benefits of Powder Coating

Enhance your architectural design and boost visibility with Reliance Foundry’s powder coating, available in six standard colors. Applied electrostatically, our powder coatings create a seamless, bubble-free finish that offers unrivaled protection against wear and rust. Opt for this superior treatment for longevity and minimal maintenance requirements.

Choose Your Mount: Flexible Installation Options for Cast Iron Bollards

Tailor your bollard installation to suit your project’s unique requirements. Removable mounts provide temporary or seasonal access, while our permanent mounts can either function independently or reinforce steel-and-concrete posts. Our range of embedded, drop-in, and adhesive anchors offer ultimate flexibility for both new and existing concrete surfaces.

Stand-alone applications

  • Embedded anchors for new concrete
  • Threaded rod for new concrete
  • Drop-in anchors for existing concrete
  • Adhesive anchors for existing concrete
  • Flanged surface mountings for existing concrete

Steel pipe cover applications

  • Embedded rod for new posts
  • Drop-in anchors for existing posts
  • Adhesive anchors for existing posts

Premium applications

  • Premium retractable mounting
  • Removable mounting using anchor casting
  • Removable mounting using concrete insert