Lightweight aluminum bollards provide lightweight removability and premium ornamentation

Our decorative aluminum bollards weigh substantially less than the same model made from cast iron. Easier to lift and stow, these bollards are an excellent choice for removable applications. Their portability also makes them easy to install over concrete security posts. The tempered, low-density aluminum alloy used in these bollards is ideal for capturing ornate designs. Read More

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Removable Mounting Options

Choose one of several fixed mounting options as part of a standard order, or pick removable mountings at an additional cost. View All Removable Mounting Options

Premium removable mountings: Premium removable mountings are installed below ground for the most secure bollard placement. When bollards are removed, receivers fully retract to avoid obstruction.

Standard removable mountings: Standard removable mountings can be installed in new or existing concrete. Standard mountings are less intrusive to installation surfaces and can be moved if needed. Low-profile mountings can be detached to prevent obstruction when bollards are removed.

Natural Corrosion Resistance And Powder Coating For Added Protection

Aluminum is naturally resistant to corrosion and wear, a strong but light metal. For extra protection and a clean finish, we powder coat our aluminum bollards.

Powder coating can be chosen to give the aluminum bollards a custom look. Six standard colors are available to help bollards fit a site aesthetic or brand. Powder coated aluminum provides long-term performance with very little maintenance.

Lightweight Removability

Aluminum is much lighter than iron or steel. Casting with aluminum, instead of iron, can reduce total weight by more than 50 percent. This makes aluminum an ideal material for removable installations, where posts need to be moved frequently.