Elevate Spaces with Lightweight, Ornate Aluminum Bollards

Crafted from tempered, low-density aluminum alloy, our bollards are not only lighter than their cast iron counterparts but also perfect for ornate designs. Their weight advantage ensures effortless lifting and stowing, positioning them as the go-to choice for removable setups. Designed to stand elegantly on their own or fit seamlessly over concrete security posts, these bollards balance both standalone beauty and protective functionality. Read More

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Flexible Installation with Removable Mounting Solutions

Select from a range of fixed mounting options included in our standard offerings or opt for the additional flexibility of removable mountings.

  • Premium Removable Mountings: Specifically designed for heightened security, these are installed below ground. When the bollards are taken out, the receivers retract seamlessly, ensuring no obstructions remain.
  • Standard Removable Mountings: Suitable for both new and existing concrete setups, these mountings prioritize minimal intrusion. They offer the advantage of relocation, and their low-profile design ensures clear paths when the bollards are detached.

Combining Natural Durability with Enhanced Protection

Crafted from aluminum, a metal renowned for its natural resistance to corrosion and wear, our bollards strike a balance between strength and lightweight design. To further safeguard and enhance their appearance, we apply a meticulous powder coating. This coating not only offers a customizable look, with six standard colors to align with site aesthetics or branding, but also ensures the bollards maintain their integrity with minimal upkeep over time.

The Advantage of Lightweight Removability

Boasting a significant weight advantage, aluminum is distinctively lighter than iron or steel. When crafted into bollards, the choice of aluminum reduces the total weight by more than 50 percent. This inherent lightness, coupled with the strength of aluminum, makes it the ideal material for scenarios demanding frequent post relocations or removable installations.