4 Traditional Ductile Iron Classic Bollards

Chess Pawn, Doric Column, Marine Rook, and Classically Versatile

Classic bollards alongside one another at an outlet mall in Florida
Traditional ductile iron bollards add visual flair to the outlet mall while guiding pedestrians safely.

Classic bollards have come to be synonymous with classical architecture. From the Gene Snyder Courthouse in Louisville, Kentucky to ancient European churches, you will notice that installing bollards helps sites welcome and protect their visitors. These decorative bollards are often placed around church entrances and corners to provide a sense of security, calmness, and peace of mind for people. However, their primary purpose is emphasizing the distinct shape of the buildings they are placed by, whether it be rectangular or square shaped, with straight or angular arches and columns. Unlike contemporary decorative bollards, these bollards provide safety and security without detracting from architectural style.

At Reliance Foundry, we know that when you’re renovating or building a new structure there is always an architectural element that must stand out. Whether it’s the entryway of your business or the front gate to your home, we know the specific needs that come with your project which is why our products are made custom for any style or shape of building.

Whether it’s for security, flexibility, or variable access, we specialize in classic bollards for a variety of architectural styles. From historical or classic buildings to modern commercial spaces, we have the right bollard to complement any architectural style. Along with their classical and distinctive design, these bollards come with various shapes, mountings, weights, and finishes. We are showcasing four traditional bollards and explaining their advantages, as well as their role in complementing distinct architectural styles.

The Chess Pawn Bollard

A chess pawn style bollard with a narrow-fluted body and a spherical top casting

Chess Pawn Stats:

  • Height: 35 in
  • Body Diameter: 5-7/8 in
  • Base Dimension: 10-1/4 in
  • Weight: 75 lbs
  • Material: Ductile Iron
  • Maximum Interior Pipe
    • Height: 25 in
    • Diameter: 4-1/2 in

The Chess Pawn bollard is often used as a complement to historic architectural sites. The distinctive look and design of these bollards blend well with many pre-modern architectural styles, like the 19th Tapestry Brick style at Fenway Park. These ductile iron bollards can be attached to existing steel and concrete security pipes, making them an adaptation to modern streetscapes. They can also be installed as fixed, stand-alone bollards to beautify and complement any existing streetscape design. Made from versatile and reliable ductile iron, featuring decorative fluting and spherical top castings, these bollards are more than just a perimeter security addition. They can aesthetically beautify any historic location, while acting as visual guides to both pedestrian and vehicle traffic. You have the option to go with one of the six standard powder coating colors, or choose to be bold and upgrade to the IronArmor protective coating for further protection, and ease of maintenance.

The Doric Column Bollard

A columnar style bollard with vertical fluting and a slightly rounded top

Doric Column Stats:

  • Height: 39 in
  • Body Diameter: 12 in
  • Base Dimension: 14 in
  • Weight: 211 lbs
  • Material: Ductile Iron
  • Maximum Interior Pipe
    • Height: 36 in
    • Diameter: 10-3/4 in

The Doric Column bollard is commonly used in public spaces as a visual traffic guide and cover to security or crash-rated internal pipe. The style goes well with such grand architectural styles as the Second Empire style of the Legislative Assembly Building in New Brunswick. These bollards not only provide a classical column look to make security posts visually appealing, they also protect against weathering, wear, and corrosion by using durable powder coating. The bollard’s sleek and bold styling can complement the architecture of most historical and government buildings. The Doric Column bollard’s unique wide body design enables for better impact protection due to the 10-3/4 inch diameter capacity allowing larger pipe reinforcement. This classic bollard can be utilized as a decorative cover for impact-resistant security bollards.

The Marine Rook Bollard

A short and bulky bollard with an angular design

Marine Rook Stats:

  • Height: 23 in
  • Body Diameter: 7 in
  • Base Dimension: 12 in
  • Weight: 65 lbs
  • Material: Ductile Iron
  • Maximum Interior Pipe
    • Height: 18 in
    • Diameter: 5-1/2 in

The Marine Rook bollard is a marine-inspired bollard with a short, angular design making it ideal for coastal and other water-oriented locations. These versatile and sharp-looking bollards add an attractive element in conjunction with providing protection for bike paths and pedestrians near water. They have been engineered to not only provide protection but also enhance the dock and marina area where they are installed. The lightness in weight and short height makes them easily manageable for changing access needs, while offering various options and possibilities when it comes to planning and placement. These bollards can be used to cover security posts or as fixed, stand-alone bollards. Like the R-7510 decorative bollards, the Marine Rook bollards are designed for decorative purposes and are not intended for any mooring applications. These bollards can be placed with confidence to withstand the harsh effects of nature. Made from corrosion-resistant formulas, the bollard is built to last in any environment.

The Classically Versatile Bollard

A classically designed bollard with decorative fluting and a corniced top casting

Classically Versatile Stats:

  • Height: 31-3/4 in
  • Body Diameter: 5-7/8 in
  • Base Dimension: 10-1/4 in
  • Weight: 79 lbs
  • Material: Ductile Iron
  • Maximum Interior Pipe
    • Height: 25 in
    • Diameter: 4-1/2 in

Classic, elegant, and versatile; that’s what you get when you opt in for our Classically Versatile bollard. The R-7591 decorative bollard is most commonly suitable for traditional and contemporary environments. Revitalize the historic look and feel of any building with these unique and functional bollards, which can be optionally upgraded to IronArmor coating for further reliable protection. We take pride in bringing you top quality bollards that aren't only functional but add a touch of class in your setting. These bollards combine safety and functionality. The Classically Versatile decorative bollard is suitable for a broad range of aesthetic styles. It can help create a barrier that cannot be breached, preventing unauthorized vehicle access to certain locations while enhancing the appeal where it is installed. The bollard’s classic design and rich color complement a variety of architectural styles and landscapes.

Traditional bollards placed along sidewalk to steer away vehicles
Classic bollards complement modern streetscapes while protecting pedestrians from vehicles.

Why Ductile Iron?

Ductile iron, also known as spheroidal graphite iron, is less likely to break on impact, thus disallowing pieces of bollards and post covers from becoming dangerous projectiles or shrapnel. The malleability of ductile iron allows for freedom in design, allowing for detailed ornamentation. Ductile iron is more flexible and elastic, compared with traditional cast iron. Ductile iron contains a higher percentage of carbon; the shape of that carbon enables it to absorb impact without fracturing, thus making the metal more resistant to cracking. This characteristic makes ductile iron bollards safer and more resilient site furnishings.

Reliance Foundry’s ductile iron bollards can be finished utilizing powder coating, which offers up to six standard colors to fulfill varying aesthetic needs. You can alternatively opt to upgrade to our IronArmor coating, which provides exceptional benefits such as:

  • Superior resistance to UV, salt, impact, and cold
  • Graffiti resistance; less staining
  • No volatile organic compounds
  • Non-toxic even if burned
  • Water safe
  • Easy to repair onsite

These classic bollards provide you with options when it comes to installation. They can be fixed and permanently mounted or be placed on removable mounts. The removability feature allows for temporary or seasonal access, while permanent bollards can either stand alone or be used as reinforcing iron over steel-and-concrete security posts.

Check out our full lineup of decorative iron bollards to see which one fits your needs.

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