An image of a stainless steel bollard being cleaned

How to Clean Stainless Steel and Prevent Corrosion

Stainless steel is known for its corrosion resistance, but regular cleaning and maintenance are essential to preserve its appearance and functionality. Without proper care, it can suffer from oxidation, corrosion, rusting, or staining, particularly in harsh environments. Learn effective cleaning methods and passivating treatments to protect stainless steel surfaces and ensure their longevity.

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A building finished in painted steel sheets

Galvannealed Steel

While there are many different grades of steel in a variety of finishes, one that stands out is the satin finish of galvannealed steel. The combination of galvanization and annealing not only produces a sleek, matte finish, but also provides a range of functional benefits that make it a preferred choice in a variety of industries.

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Sparks fly as a welder works on stainless steel piping

Welding Stainless Steel: A Guide

Stainless steel is the metal of choice for engineers, architects, and industrial designers everywhere, but this sleek, highly sought metal can be difficult to weld because of the need to preserve the chromium oxide layer that gives this modern miracle its anti-corrosive properties.

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A series of black cast iron bollards created from a traditional pattern

Near Net Shape to Reduce Waste, Lower Cost and Save Time

Near net shape manufacturing is a planned production process that aims to make an object as close to its final shape as possible. Near net shape manufacturing minimizes waste, lowers costs, and reduces the time needed to produce a finished item. A near net shape manufacturing process is cost efficient and better for the environment, demanding less energy and resources.

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