Metal Casting

Behind the Bollard: Who We Are

A look at our company and what drives us to innovate our industry

Coming from humble beginnings, Reliance Foundry started in 1925 as a local foundry in Vancouver, serving local industries and municipalities with custom metal castings. Today, we supply a wide assortment of site furnishings, working with partners around the world to bring new products and designs to our international customers. Our focus on tying old-world craftsmanship to future-minded innovation has allowed our company to overcome and thrive through changes in materials, industrial needs, and the way business is conducted throughout modern society.

The original location of Reliance Foundry in Vancouver, BC.
A photo of our original location in Vancouver, BC, before we relocated in the year 1966.

Our Product Lines

Although our company’s roots are in custom metal-casting services, today we stand primarily as a stock-line manufacturer of metal casting products. Within the last century, our product lines have expanded to include bike parking, hardscape, site furnishings, and wheels. However, the product we are best known for is the bollard.

The R-7539 bollard provides a decorative, aesthetically pleasing separation between vehicle and pedestrian areas.
Our R-7539 Bollard can be found protecting pedestrians alongside walkways at Oriole Park in Baltimore, MD.

Old examples of bollards survive from as far back as the Roman empire, where carved stone posts were used for tethering or milestones, but today’s bollard looks (and functions) quite differently due to the evolution of streetscapes. Where carriages and horses were once common forms of transportation, the presence of cars and trucks near pedestrians and buildings requires large amounts of stopping power to ensure the safety and security of a site.

Our stainless steel bollard covers can be placed over crash-rated bollards for a visual upgrade while maintaining the bollards’ integrity.
The R-7341 Stainless Steel Bollard Cover fits over larger security posts and crash-rated bollards, as seen in front of the Halifax Stanfield Airport.

We offer bollards to suit a large variety of needs, using materials including stainless steel, cast iron, and polyurethane. Crash-rated bollards offer improved protection from vehicle intrusion, while flexible bollards provide visual distinction between areas without forming a solid barrier. Lighted bollards, which provide visibility in your landscape at night, are available with both hard-wired and solar-powered options.

Making places people want to be

A R-5504 Austin Bench sits in a park in Twassassen, BC
The R-5504 Austin Bench is the perfect complement to any outdoor space, from park to waterside.

“Making places people want to be” has not only been Reliance Foundry’s mission since 2019, but the concept stands behind every decision we’ve made since. The introduction of our bike parking and site furniture lines allowed us to turn this into a reality, helping landscape architects design their ideal site without compromising standards of either aesthetics or accessibility. Products including benches and garbage bins for both indoor and outdoor locations alongside detectable warning plates improve the utility of spaces while complementing the landscape.

Our bike racks are built to encourage pedestrians to make use of spaces they otherwise would not.
Our selection of bike racks offers something fit for every landscape, such as that in front of the Maritime Hotel in New York City.

Our standard for production quality has led to the use of our products in high-profile installations across North America, including Fenway Park and New York City’s Maritime Hotel. In protecting the environment and communities, we hope to enhance the living experience for all through means of accessibility and inclusivity.

Our Approach

The R-5001 Cincinnati Garbage Can is the perfect size for indoor locations.
Our R-5001 Cincinnati Waste Bin combines balau wood slats with galvanized steel for functionality and aesthetics that fit in both indoor and outdoor locations.

From providing security through our various bollard lines to utility in the form of bike racks, hardscaping, and more, we aim not only to fulfill the needs of our customers, but go above and beyond with a plethora of information and one-on-one support from our team being available with a single click. In addition to e-Commerce functionality, resources available on our website include construction specifications (CSI), product drawings, AutoCAD drawings, installation guides, and care guides for all of our products. For in-depth information on a variety of topics related to our work, please read more on our blog.

Members of our sales team are also available for contact during working hours via phone or email for any specific questions or needs.