Bollards & Post Covers

Fixing Bollard Coatings

Patching IronArmor in the field

As the majority of our products are installed outdoors, and/or in high-traffic areas, dings and scrapes are inevitable. Traditional finishes such as paint or powder coating are made with resins, meaning they are porous and easily scratched. Once chipped or damaged, any metal beneath may be subject to rust, and doesn’t look very good.

To fix a painted or powder coated metal product neatly, it needs to be uninstalled, sand blasted, and entirely recoated before being reinstalled.

IronArmor is a breakthrough innovation that changes the way outdoor metal products can be finished and protected, keeping installations looking new for longer.

Ironarmor coating on an R-7901 steel bollard.
Use Ironarmor to increase your bollards durability and extend its lifespan.

Formulated for the outdoors, IronArmor coating is less porous and more impact-resistant than traditional methods, providing better protection against weathering (including UV, and hot and cold temperatures), chemicals, salt, graffiti, and chalking. It is non-toxic even when burned, contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and is water safe.

In the case of a scratch or ding, IronArmor can also be field-repaired, without requiring uninstallation and transport of the product. The coating around the scratch can be heated and melded back together to cover any abrasions, as demonstrated in the video above.

A thermoplastic patch being applied onto an Ironarmor-coated bollard cap.
Large dings and scrapes to the Ironarmor coating can be easily repaired with a small thermoplastic patch.

For larger damages where melding the thermoplastic back over the scratch isn’t possible, a thermoplastic patch can be used. The whole damaged area is heated and the patch placed overtop, where it can be melted into the surface.


In addition to IronArmor, we also offer FrameSafe: an extra-thick option designed specifically for bike racks and bike bollards. These items are frequently damaged due to bumps and scrapes from bike locks and even bicycles themselves. When FrameSafe is applied, both the parking rack and the bike are protected from scratches and dings resulting from contact.

IronArmor and FrameSafe are under warranty against cracks, peeling, or significant discoloration for 5 years. For extra peace of mind, you can extend your IronArmor warranty to 10 years with Reliance+ coverage.

A visual comparison between Ironarmor and Powder Coating as seen on an R-7901 steel bollard.
As shown above, Ironarmor coating will protect your bollard without detracting from its aesthetic value.

Reliance Foundry has a long history as a designer, maker, and vendor of metal products, but our commitment to innovation has allowed us to adapt to the changing needs of our customers over the past century. We specialize in cast metal products for architectural site furnishings, traffic management, and industrial applications. Contact us for more information on Ironarmor and our other product offerings.