R-1009-40-R C40 Removable Crash-Rated Bollards

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R-1009-40-R ASTM C40 removable crash-rated bollards can be depended upon for exceptional stopping power and impact resistance. The R-1009-40-R is independently tested against ASTM C40 P1 with the ability to withstand a vehicle up to 2340 pounds traveling at 40 mph. No assembly or specialty subgrade is required, making for a very easy-to-install crash-rated bollard. To install, simply set the pre-assembled bollard into the site and pour concrete. Removing the crash-rated bollard is straightforward: Insert a lifting handle through the top of the bollard, and lift the bollard out of the bollard sleeve using a forklift or other equipment. To increase aesthetics, place bollard covers over crash-rated bollards.

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